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Turkish delights

Divan is a newly opened p√Ętisserie in Dubai mall. I went here along with a friend of mine who suggested that we try out this new place. 
As soon as you enter, you notice the lovely ambiance; the place feels classy and inviting. 
Right from the time you enter, you see that the staff makes every effort to see that your experience is enjoyable.

Also, I loved their attention to detail. For example, as soon as we went, we ordered some water. The glass that it was served in, had a little photo about Turkey and a quote on it. 

They started by getting a host of Turkish delights , macarons, chocolates. It was really well presented and hence very tempting too. The Turkish delights that they have are available in many flavors. The gooey consistency that they have blends well along with the taste.

Some of the macarons tasted great, while some were just about okay. 
The chocolates were amazing; I especially liked the fact that one of them had the name of the restaurant embossed on it.

We had a pistachio …