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Delicious food at your doorstep

I've been to the Grand Barbeque Restaurant and the food was delicious. The Grand Barbeque express is their home delivery wing which I was really looking forward to try out.
Ordered a vegetarian meal. It consists of a starter, roti/naan, a mixed vegetable, a dal, rice, a sweet, pickle, and salad. Also ordered a veg biryani with it.
The first thing that I noticed is that the box that it came in was really huge as compared to the usual ones. I was thinking to myself that this is a lot of food; and yes, when I opened it, the quantity was indeed was very good.
I started with the paneer tikka starter. Though the number of pieces was less, the pieces were huge and moreover, the taste was amazing. It was really soft too.
Moving over to the mains…the mixed vegetable was really great. It was on the spicier side which I personally like. The gravy that it was made in was lovely. The naan though felt a bit rubbery (not so much that I’d crib about it, but a little bit). The dal was nice and had a…