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Cioccolat Italiani

Italian Chocolate... it doesn't get any simpler than this. Did I say "simpler"; I meant 'sinful'. We were in the neighbourhood for some dinner when we noticed this Italian dessert place. When my friend saw the name, she immediately recognized it as the place she used to visit in Italy. It's the real deal!
As soon as you step in, you see the lovely display of various bakery items and also the chocolate tap. That's when you know that this is going to be really good.

The interiors feel cozy and at the same time classy.

We were spoilt for choice. The menu includes waffles, chocolate shots, gelato, crepes, coffees, speciality coffees, various types of hot chocolate (Yes, types), and much more. As you can see, we were spoilt for choice. After much pondering we decided on a few - Tortino caldo al cioccolato, waffle con gelato, and a cappuccino.
The tortino caldo al cioccolato consists of a warm chocolate fondant cake which is accompanied by a scoop of gelato on the …

Japanese street food in Wokyo Noodle bar

Noodles, I totally was craving for, and what better than street food. Well, mmm..alomst. At first, when I saw it, I though it doesn't look so classy. Well, duh! Wokyo - this Japanese street food style Noodle bar gives you the real feel as if you're in the streets of Japan. 

I liked the fact that everything is so Japanese about this place. They greet you in Japanese, and also have things like the green tea flavoured Kit Kat, Japanese Ramune soda, Asahi beer (non-alcoholic), nori seaweed snacks et al for sale. 

The staff here is friendly; they asked us if it was our first visit there and guided us accordingly. The concept is that you first choose your sauce, then noodles/rice and then your protein. Psst psst...they've got a place for you bag too.
Now the good part is that you can taste your sauces before you select them. Once you've tasted your sauces, you can order right there and pay for it upfront, and then just like you'd experience on the street, you can see them m…

Downtown Cafe Karama

A very catchy name, though it was a little misleading for me since I was expecting this cafe to be in Downtown, and not in Karama. When I read the reviews online and saw the photos, I definitely wanted to check this cafe out. 

As soon as you enter, you notice the lovely interiors. According to me this would be the cafe with the best interiors in Karama for that price point. The lighting is yellow and there is a lot of use of wood. They also have a bookshelf, and a lot of other antique artifacts too

They have a good selection of teas and coffees. I ordered an affogato (espresso with ice-cream) and my friend ordered a saffron tea. The affogato was great and was served in a nice cup really nice cup; the saffron tea though was just about okay. We were definitely expecting better

Later, we ordered a Prawn basket. It consists of a few small pieces of fried prawns in an 
edible basket. This dish was more or less a disappointment. The prawns didn't taste appetizing and the edible basket that …

Indo Indo - Seafood and Grill

Now there are many seafood restaurants, but this one focuses on particularly Indonesia seafood.
It's a small, cozy place with wooden tables and chairs that give an Asian feel to it. 
The staff was prompt in attending to us.

For starters we ordered the Risol and Tempe Mendoan. While waiting for our food, they gave us some prawn crackers with a spicy sauce!

The Risol is a crispy spring roll of Prawns and Vegetables. I really liked it as the the taste of the filling inside was prominent and it was well cooked too. The Tempe Mendoan is Fried Soya Bean with spring onion in the batter. By itself it tasted okay, but when had with the sauce with chillis it bring out more of the flavor.  As for the drinks, they recommended their ice tea which they make in-house. They have two flavour - lemon, and lemon with mint. We ordered one each since not many places make the ice tea in-house. Sadly, the ice tea wasn't anything out of the ordinary. It tasted similar to the ones we'd get anywhere els…