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Stomping Grounds

This place is located in one of the by-lanes in Jumeirah and would be hard to find without a map. 
I went there on a weekday and just managed to get a parking spot in the nick of time.

This place is a bit dimly lit, and the tables are really close to each other. Also, it gets a bit noisy. It isn't the ideal place if you just want to sit back and relax. 

I managed to get a table, but this one seemed like it was in the middle of the pathway. Everyone seemed to be walking right beside it. That's when we asked them to shift us to another one at the side. The place had got pretty crowed by then and customers had to wait for sometime before they were seated. 

They have a huge coffee selection, including filter coffees like the chemex, v60, aeropress, kalita etc. They also have the dirty chai latte which caught my attention. This one is a tea with Indian spices, and to that they add milk and a shot of coffee. It was served in a french press and the quantity was huge. It wasn't bad. I…

Life n One - Healthy Vegan food

This cafe focuses on the overall well-being of a person. They've got some fitness activities too apart from the healthy food. 

This is a Vegan cafe, and not just that, all their items are: 
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, GMO Free and Soy Free. This sounded like a very interesting concept and a few of us bloggers decided to check it out. 

This place is really a "hidden" gem. It's one of a kind, but it is also a little hard to find. 
Once you find it, you'd feel like you've entered a garden. There's a small path that leads to the back side of this place which is where the main seating area is located. You will see a lot of natural greenery throughout this place. If you are a nature lover, this is definitely for you. 

As soon as you enter, you will notice that this place also has a lot of books for you to read, and has a very calm feel to it. They've got a lot of interesting items on their menu; all of which are healthy in the true sense, and no…


This restaurant is located inside Al Barsha Mall and the first thing I noticed before I even entered is that the parking is easy to find; but at the same time, this mall is a small one and doesn'thave too many shops. This was the first time I was going to this mall since I was invited by this restaurant.

As soon as you enter, you notice the fantastic view from this place. It is beside the Barsha Pond Park, and you get a view of the Burj-Al-Arab too. 

We ordered the mezzeh platter to start with. It comes with a selection of hot and cold mezzeh. I really liked the meat kibbeh as the meat was really soft, and the cheese rekak was delicious. The hommos and moutabel were nice too. The platter also has vine leaves, meat sambousek, and spinach fatteyer, and is served with a salad on the side. They also give you fresh hot breads along with olives, pickles, and a lovely labneh. 

They also give you fresh hot breads along with olives, pickles, and a lovely labneh. 

In the mood for some healthy s…


In our quest for some Mexican food that wouldn't break our wallet, we stumbled upon this one. At first, I thought of the name very weird, until I actually looked it up online, and it means food that has a very pleasant taste and makes you want to eat more. The menu looked interesting and we couldn't wait to try out some of their delicious starters. 

What better way to start a Mexican meal than nachos. So we ordered the Grande Nachos. It's got mexican bean sauce, sour cream jalapenos, and lots of melted cheese on it. Not to forget the guacamole of-course. 
The quantity was quite large and the toppings were more than enough and lasted till the last nacho chip got over! A nachos lover would understand what I mean. 

Then we wanted the all time favorite - garlic bread. We chose the mexican spiced one initially, but the waitress said that would be on a normal toast, so we chose the Herb Cheese Garlic bread
There were four pieces and tasted really good. They were hot and fresh; cou…

Bombay Brasserie

Was looking for a good Indian restaurant to celebrate a birthday and settled on this one. I booked a table from Zomato and got a confirmation soon. On our way there, I got a call saying that the Burj Khalifa view wasn't available (since I had specified that in my reservation). It was a bit of a disappointment, but we went there nonetheless. 

Once there, the ambiance was good; but a bit dark. Chairs weren't all that comfortable to sit for a long time. 

Started with a mocktail and a chaat. Ranjha, the mocktail, had passion fruit, mango, and a few more and tasted really good and fruity. We ended up ordering two more. Order it without ice and it tastes much better till the end. 

We asked the Papdi chaat to be made without onions. They got one with onions in it. When we asked, he went inside to check with the chef, and later got it replaced. The taste wasn't bad 

For main we had the palak paneer. It had huge chunks of paneer, and no, the huge size doesn't make it better. It mak…