A friend of mine suggested this place as there was a particular dish that he wanted to have here.

It was a weekend and it was quite crowded. We went about 8:30pm and got a table on the spot, although any later and we'd have to wait to be seated.

We started with the chicken manchow soup. It was spicy and delicious; served with crispy fried noodles on the side.

Along with it, we asked for a portion of masala papad. This was below average and I didn't enjoy it much.

For our appetisers, we had the chicken gilafi sheekh which was really very good. It was soft and had a nice peppery flavour.

We then ordered a mutton khichadi. Very few places serve this and that's what we came here for. The mutton was soft and the khichadi was nice. It had a very homely flavour to it.

I also had a dahi puri which was made really well, with a good amount of filling inside it.

They have something called as cocktail shots which is an assortment of various beverages. You get jal jeera, pudina sherbat, sweet…

Swades - Indian vegetarian snacks

It was a weekend and we were looking for a quick bite so we ended up going here. 

It's not a very big place but they have a good variety of options on the menu.

We started with the aloo cheese onion paratha. The cheese in the paratha was melted and we couldn't see the cheese in it. We asked for more, and they were happy to give us some extra cheese. The taste of the paratha was quite good. 

I ordered a dahi kachori chaat, and it was really flavourful with ample amount of dahi in it.

The ragda pattice too was good enough. I would have liked the pattice itself to have more flavour but nothing to complain about. 

Last, but not the least, we had a nice cuppa chai

The service is fast, and the staff is friendly. 
Our server got us the bill without asking for it, which I didn't quite like. 

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Tasting Bay

This is a healthy restaurant and I've recently started having healthy food so I've taken a liking towards it. A friend of mine invited me here and I was excited to check out the restaurant. 

The ambience is nice and has earthy green and brown colours although it's not a very big place. 

While we waited for our food, we munched on some makhana (lotus seeds / fox nuts) which is a nice touch. 

We had a refreshing drink - the Summer Cooler. This one is watermelon based with a twist of mint. Perfect for this hot weather. 

A classic starter is the Tandoori chicken. This one was served with mint chutney and was just average though. It could have had more flavour to it. 

Dabeli is one of my favourite Indian street snacks, and they have the Black Dabeli here. They basically use black pav with the dabeli masala inside. The taste itself was really good, although a little different from what I imagine for a dabeli. Also, the pav wasn't as hot as expected. 

Next, we had the Amritsari fis…

Acai Nation

I've taken a liking towards health food recently, and was looking forward to some Acai, when these guys offered to send it over for a review. 

You can choose between a bowl and a jar, along with various customization options. 

I opted for the build your jar which is a totally customizable option. I chose the Pure Acai along with the blueberry blend. For the seeds, there are quite a few choices and I opted for the more traditional one - Granola. There are a lot of extra toppings which you can chose and I added some pomegranate and Greek yogurt
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The delivery arrived well before expected time and I could only have it after I got back home. 

Most of the times I've had Acai freezing cold, but this time since I had waited for a bit, it wasn't freezing by the time I had it and I really liked the taste. The pomegranate and the strawberry along with the blueberry blend gave …

Gypsy Chinese

We were passing by this area and decided to stop here for some Chinese. 

Started with some dynamite chicken which was flavourful. It wasn't as spicy as expected though but was good.

Next we had the lamb burnt chilli. This had some really good flavour to it. I really liked the chilli in this, and the texture of the lamb was good too. 

For the mains, we had the chicken pot rice. The flavour in this was bland for our liking. We were expecting something a bit more flavourful. 

The staff is attentive and courteous. 

There is a wide variety of items on the menu. 

Yo Sushi

I like to try out new sushi places. Yo sushi is a very well known outlet, although it was my first tie trying it out. 
They have the conveyor belt sushi offers too, but we just opted for the regular dine-in. 

We started with the smoked salmon and cream cheese roll. It had some cucumber in it too, and I liked the combination of salmon with the cream cheese.

After this we had the dynamite roll. If you like a bit of spicy flavours then this one is great. It's got salmon, chill oil, and avocado that's rolled in crispy onion, and topped with sriracha and mayo. A burst of flavours there. 

For a quick bite, we ordered the popcorn shrimp. This is tempura shrimp drizzled with sweet shiro miso and chilli sauce. I would have liked this to be a bit on the spicy side instead of sweet. 

For the accompaniments, we called for a prawn Yakisoba. I was expecting an average sized portion of the noodles, but this was quite small. The taste was not bad.

We thought the two of us would be full after all of…

Mohalla - Indian casual upmarket diner

I had heard good things about this place and went here on the suggestion of a friend.

The ambience is casual yet gives an upmarket feel to it.  The menu isn't extensive but they have some interesting items.
We started with the poha crusted prawns. The name itself was so interesting. It looked nice when it was served and it was exactly what the name suggests - prawns that are coated with poha and are crispy. The texture was great and so was the taste. It was served with an orange chutney.
I'm not the kind who'd generally have vada-pav at an upmarket restaurant; I prefer it at small roadside eateries, but on the suggestion of my friends, we ordered a vada-pav. It was actually good. It had chutney inside, and was served with chillies and some salad on the side. 
The next starter that we had was the avocado papdi chaat. This was similar looking to sev-puri but with avocado in it. It was a bit too sweet for our liking.
For my beverage, I had masala chaans and was nice and frothy with…