Sizzling Wok

I've been wanting to check this place out since a while. They've revamped their menu recently and I was invited to try it out. 

We started with the chinese bhel which is an Indo-Chinese preparation of crispy noodles. I liked the spicy and tangy flavour that it had to it. 

Then we had some prawn tempura. It was not crunchy from the outside and had a very thin coating. It tasted just about okay. The sauce that it was served with was nice though. 

For drinks, we had some nice cocktails like the pina colada, mojito, and some beer too. 

They've got various dimsums, and we tried the prawn as well as the chicken ones. I liked the prawn ones more. 

Drums of heaven was something that we all enjoyed. It was coated with a spicy sauce and it was prepared well. 

Crispy corn is another popular vegetarian appetiser. The one here did not have the right texture and I didn't enjoy it much. 

Dynamite shrimp is something I look forward to, but the one I had here was dry. It could have been a bit…

Mad Tailors - Contemporary Cafe

It has a really catchy name and when my friend suggested that we should try it, I had to check it out. 
Finding parking was a bit hard, but I eventually got it.

The restaurant looks interesting and inviting  from the outside too.
The interiors are done up really well and feel classy with a grey and gold theme. 
They've got a lot of appealing pictures of the menu items on the iPad and we were confused as to what to order. There are some small bites too, and you can order those if you don't want the big portions. 

We ordered the MAD Caesar which is their version of the Caesar salad. The lettuce is made into a small size which becomes like a base. Then it is topped with everything that's in a Caesar salad. It tasted just like a Caesar salad and was quite good. 

Then we had the Cordon Bleu Croquettes. These were nice and cheesy and really flavourful. It is one of their top sellers and I can see why. 

For the mains we had the Prawn Provencal. The prawns are partially de-shelled, but t…

Bayty - Italian buffet

Bayty has an Italian buffet on Thursday nights and they invited me to try it out.
The place has a nice view and good seating too. The place felt quite cozy.

The buffet has a good variety, starting from the salads, breads, cold cuts, appetisers, mains, and the desserts. 

There's a live pizza and pasta station too. I called for a spaghetti in white sauce. It was a green coloured spinach spaghetti, and it tasted great. 

The bruschetta was average, and the arancini was a bit weird, the cheese sticks were okay. 

The eggplant parmigianno could have been better. 

The pan fried fish fillet was good enough. 

The desserts were good enough. I liked the panacotta, and the Tartufo. 

I found most of the items in the buffet to be average. There were a few that were nice. 
The buffet is priced at AED 110.

The Soul Bowl

This is a vegetarian review.

The place delivers some nice healthy food, and offered to send me some for a review.

My favourite item was the veg burrito bowl. It had a lovely combination of bell peppers, beans, eggplant, guacamole, sour cream, and rice. It was flavourful and healthy as well.

The quinoa burger was interesting. The quinoa patty was really nice, although it isn't as firm as a regular patty. This, coupled along with the fact that the bun was chewy, made the burger hard to eat as it kept breaking and falling off.
The flavour was not bad, but the texture could have been better.

They have various Acai bowls and I had the brownie blast. I had the combination of brownies and Acai for the first time and it was really good. It was cold and sweet and I enjoyed having it.

Last but not the least, I had the fruit fiesta smoothie which had a berry like flavour to it and was refreshing.

The food is quite nice overall as well as healthy.


If you're looking for healthy and delicious food with a view of the Dubai skyline, then this is the place to be. I shot the below picture near the restaurant:

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This restaurant has a nice decor with seating indoors as well as outdoors. 

They do not fry anything here, in fact, they said that they do not even have a fryer in the restaurant!

We started with the cucumber lemonade. It had a really nice and refreshing taste to it. 

The Greek frappe was not bad but could have been better. 

They've got vegan optio