This is a small restaurant in International city. It has seating for about 10 people, and it feels crammed up. 

For the drinks, I started with salted lassi. It was served in a small glass and tasted good, though I felt the quantity was a bit less. 

We had the chapli kebab for starters. It was not as soft as expected, and the taste was alright.

Among the chaat, there was the aloo tikki chaat which was nice. The chutneys gave a good flavour to it.

Then came the paneer achari. The paneer was soft and the achari masala had a good flavour to it. 

They've got soya chaap too, and we tried these out. These were good enough, but nothing quite special about it. 

There is chicken barra as well, and the flavours to this one were nice, but the chicken itself felt a bit under-cooked. 

The chili chicken tasted really good, and had a nice Indo-Chinese taste to it. 

For the mains, we had the egg curry. I really liked this one. The preparation was flavourful and tasted great with the rotis. 

The chicken jal…

Purani Dilli - SZR

This is their second outlet in Dubai, conveniently located on SZR. 
It has nice interiors, and a very Indian upmarket feel to it. They have live music too. 

We started with the samosa chaat which was really good. The dahi bhalla was good enough as well.

Then we had a chaat platter - the hara bhara kebab was really good, and the fish tikka was nice and soft. The paneer tasted really yum. 

For the mains, my favourite item would have to be the palak lasooni. It had a lovely flavour of the garlic which wasn't overpowering, and the spinach tasted lovely. 

We had the Mutton stew, and the flavours were really good. The flavours of the spices had seeped into the flesh. 

Dal makhani also tasted great. It had a nice consistency to it. 

We ended our meal with their signature desserts - the beetroot halwa. This tasted delicious, and I would have never guessed that it is made of beetroot had I not known. Definitely worth a try.

The other dessert was the shahi tukda. It is made very differently than wh…

India Palace - Garhoud

This is a restaurant located in Garhoud that has buffet as well as a la carte. I was invited to try out their food. It was a Thursday night and they had live music too. A lot of it was instrumental and it was not too loud which is just the way I prefer it to be. The place wasn't very crowded that night. 

As soon as you enter, you see a lovely decor and has a very Indian feel to it. 

We started with the murg malai shorba which had a nice consistency to it and was a bit different than the usual soup. 

For the salad, we had the murg tikka salad. This has pieces of tandoori chicken topped with freshly chopped onions, carrot and beetroot julienne, and salad leaves on the side. It was more of a snack than a salad. 

As for the drinks, we had the mango lassi which was thick and nice. 

There was the mint cooler too which is similar to a lemon mint juice and was refreshing. 

For the appetisers, we had the paneer tikka chutney wale which was served on a sizzling platter. The paneer was soft but co…

Beesket - healthy juices and more

Beesket is an interesting healthy concept that I was invited to try out. 
They cater primarily to healthy juices. They offer two types of juices - original and squeezed. To put in simple terms, the squeezed ones are strained, whereas in the original ones the fibre is retained. 

You choose three flavours (fruits / vegetables) to make a juice out of. In order to choose, you select the corresponding capsule and put it in a basket that is shaped like a beehive (hence the name beesket - bee + basket). Once you select it, you can even check the amount of calories it has using the in-built sensors in it. There are also pre-set combinations if you're too confused to choose.

I made a combination of Mango, Peach, and Raspberry. It tasted really nice. The sour raspberry flavour was balanced with the sweetness of the mango. 

We also had the Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Kiwi. This was high in Vitamin C, and had a good flavour to it. 

Last, but not the least, we had the Kiwi, Tangerine, and Black Gr…