Curry Chatti - vegetarian review

This is a restaurant located in Karama and they offered to send me food for a review. 
Since my family is vegetarian, I asked for pure vegetarian food only. 

The delivery was on time and he did not have to call to ask for directions.

For starters, they sent me the gobi manchurian. It was really good and had the comforting Indo-Chinese flavour to it. It was semi-dry and prepared in an orange-ish sauce. 

Their specialty is biryani, and they sent me the vegetable biryani. It was made malabar style and packaged in a nice container. The rice was white and smaller than the usual biryani rice. The taste was really good. It had a good amount of vegetables as well as masala in it. I personally like the North Indian style of biryani more, so something with smaller rice may not be my first choice for a biryani, but if you're a fan of the Malabar biryani, then you'll surely like this.

For dessert, I had rice kheer which was also quite good. I would have liked it to be a bit more thick though. 

Majlis Al Sultan

Majlis Al Sultan is a restaurant located in the Al Safa / Al Wasl area. They have free parking at the back side. 

The ambience is nice and it felt like a good place as soon as we entered. Although it is not very big. 

We started with the Oriental mezze. This consisted of hummus, moutabel, and pistachio labneh.
The pistachio labneh was something different and nice. The hummus and moutabel were good too. 

They have some interesting and refreshing drinks too.

Then they prepared the avocado and halloumi salad in front of us. It certainly felt refreshing when served. It also had some rocca leaves, cherry tomato, sun dried tomato, beacon nuts, and dried fig. 

We then had the cous cous salad. I'm a fan of cous cous and this looked really appealing. It had some griled vegetables, chick peas, and dried fig too, as well as chicken breast (can be removed for vegetarian variant). The chicken was a bit hard and lacked flavour.

For the mains, there was mix grill which consisted of shish tawook, lamb k…

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has interesting stuff, and they invited me to try their delicious food.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this outlet. It was pretty big and spacious for a mall. It also has a little play area with a foosball table. There's an entrance from the front side of the mall too, and you don't have to go through the main entrance all around. 

We started with the cheese fries. These were crinkle cut and topped with melted cheese; these tasted good.

One of their speciality burgers is the Shack Stack. This is a cheeseburger and crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, shack sauce. The beef patty along with this combination tastes really good. The portobello mushroom has a prominent flavour and it's a treat for mushroom lovers. 

They have a couple of options in chicken and we tried the Chick'n Shack. This has crispy chicken breast with lettuce, pickles, and herb mayo. It doesn't have a burst of flavours like the one above but does tas…

Dabang kathi and curry - new menu

The name Dabang itself is really catchy and filmy, and their food also is really Dabang!

It is an outlet located in the food court of Marina mall, and I didn't have much expectations from this, but I gave it a shot when they invited me to try out their newly launched menu and it certainly surpassed my expectations. 

They've recently got chef Sohan Bhandari who was heading a very well known chain of an Indian restaurant in the city. They've also revamped their menu to include some really interesting items.

We started with the samosa chana chaat. It was made pretty well; not too soggy, but just the right amount of ingredients, and it tasted great.

Then they got us some onion bhajiya and said these are the chef's special. I wondered as to how different could onion bhajiyas get. Oh boy I was wrong. These were perhaps the best onion bhajiyas I've had. They were really crispy and were sprinkled with the chef's special masala on it. I had never though I would find this di…

Arabic buffet in S Hotel Barsha

I was recently invited by S hotel in Al Barsha to try out their newly launched dinner buffet. The recently started buffet is available on Thursdays, and the timings are from 7:30pm to 11pm and it is priced at AED 79.

The buffet consists of a wide variety of Arabic dishes. A nice selection of cold starters like hummus, fattoush, moutabel, zaatar labneh balls, and lots more. 

The hot starters were quite good. I especially liked the fattet hummus which had a nice flavour to it. The cheese sambosek were average though. 

The cajun spiced roasted potato was nice and chunky. 

For fish lovers, there's clob fried fish too which was pretty good. 

A traditional famous Arabic appetiser is the kibbeh, although the one here was just average. 

They had a nice selection of beverages too. 

For the mains, I started with the lamb lubia saloma. It was my first time having this, and I had it along with rice. It has a very mild flavour to it, and wasn't something that I liked very much.

They had various ki…