Sukh Sagar

Sukh Sagar is a known name for vegetarian cuisine and has been here for a long time. I was invited by a friend of mine to try out the food. 

For my beverage, I oredered a kesari thandai since I haven't seen too many places offer this. The taste was just okay. Perhaps the combination of kesar with thandai isn't something that suited my palate.

We ordered a mixed platter for our starters. It had a good assortment of items. I really liked the potato in this one. The broccoli was really nice too. The paneer was soft. For those who are a fan of pineapple, they have an interesting pineapple starter in there too. The veg seekh kebabs were not too bad. 

Another started which we really relished was the idli chilli. It is a combination of South Indian and Indian Chinese. The flavour was great and so was the softness of the idli. 

For our mains, we wanted a kofta, and they recommended the nargis kofta. It has a creamy tomato gravy and it was really flavourful. It was not too sweet and that&#…

Mix n' Match - Delivery review

This is a delivery only restaurant which has multiple outlets. They offered to send me some food for a review.
As the name suggests, you can mix n match different dishes from different places.

Here are the items that I ordered. All of them are vegetarian.

I ordered a Hummus by tawook nation. It looked really nice but was a tad bit dry.

The baked falafel wrap by right bite express tasted delicious. I liked the fact that the bread was really thin and I could get nice flavours. Although it had become a bit soggy.

The greenhouse pizza by NKD was delicious. Before I even opened the box, I could get the lovely aroma from this one. `

The garlic bread by NKD was nice and cheesy. It had a good flavour to it.

We totally loved the Lentil soup by ritebite express. It was a tad bit thicker than usual and had small pieces of carrots in it.

I also asked for a salad - the Athena by barsalata 2. This looked really colourful and the portion size was nice too. It was fresh and the combination of all of the ingr…

Ayobowan - Sri Lankan cuisine

There aren't many Sri Lankan places around town, and when I was invited to try out this restaurant, I was really intrigued. 

Sri Lankan food is usually on the spicier side. A lot of places use chilli and it becomes "hot", but this restaurant uses other spices, so it is "spicy" but not "hot", and you get good flavours of the food. 

We started with some Sri Lankan juices. The first was the wood apple - I wasn't personally much of a fan. 
Next we had the ambarella juice. It had a different taste to it, and I liked this one. 
Then we had the spicy mango which feels really nice if you're a mango fan and like it with a twist. 

Last but not the least was the king coconut, i.e. the fresh coconut water. It tasted a bit different than the Indian coconut that I'm used to having. The taste definitely was refreshing.

For our starters, we had a platter of prawn triangle, fish cutlets, and polos cutlets. The prawn triangles were nice and crispy. The fish cutle…

Have a dish for AED 10 in JLT

We still haven't got over the festive season and yet another interesting offer is back and this one is sure to interest foodies (that's just about everyone). 

For 10 days starting 6th January, six restaurants in JLT will one dish for just AED 10. This offer will run until the 15th of January, 2019. 
There is one particular dish that each of these restaurants will offer.
An individual can avail this offer once per day from a particular restaurant, i.e. you cannot visit the same restaurant twice in the same day; but you can visit different restaurants on the same day (which is what I did). Also, you can come back to the same restaurant the next day. 

Our first stop was Nara Pan Asian located in Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A, JLT. It is a pan Asian restaurant, but I found it a bit towards the Japanese side given the decor of the prominently places Sakura flowers.

The dish that they are offering is the Chicken Balls. The original price of this is AED 42. These did taste pretty good. They …

Kazooza - Marina cubes

This is an Arabic restaurant located at the Marina cubes in Port Rashid. Like other restaurants that have seating upstairs, this one too offers a good view. We went there for brunch and it was not crowded.

We started with the Tamarhindi to drink. It is a drink of tamarinds and date. It was tangy, but a bit sweet too, and I totally liked it.

We ordered a shakshouka. it was served with hot bread, and looked really appealing. It tasted pretty good too, albeit a bit dry.

I saw fattah batinjan for the first time, and was curious to try it out. It had some yoghurt in it, along with eggplant and some crispy fried saj. The combination was really nice, and was the dish that I liked the most here.

Among the wraps, we ordered the rapping chicken fajita. It was hot when served; the taste was a bit different that what I expected. I could taste a little more of the vegetables. It took a couple of bites before I started liking the taste. Also, some more flavour would have been nice.

The kazooza falafel m…

Peppermill - vegetarian review

I was looking for a good Indian restaurant to go to for my parent's anniversary, and decided on this one. 
It definitely feels upmarket, though not flashy, but a bit on the casual side. 

Since my parents are vegetarians, this review includes only vegetarian dishes. That being said, the vegetarian dishes here are a bit innovative (read different) than most places, and if you aren't the experimental type, you might not have much of a choice. 

As we ordered our food, they got us some makhana (a.k.a. lotus seeds / foxnuts) to munch on. I personally really like it and wonder why many places don't have these.

Since chaat is an all-time favourite, we started with the chaat platter. It has a good selection of items including samosas, pani puri, aloo tikki, dahi wada, and palak chaat. It tasted really good overall, and especially the pani-puri which doesn't always taste great at a fine diner.

Next for appetisers was Paniyaaram. These are mini rice pancakes made in ghee. They had a c…