Modi - Georgian restaurant

This is an interesting name for a restaurant, and being an Indian, it especially caught my attention since it is also the name of our current Prime Minister. But Modi in georgian has a different meaning.

Currently, this is the only Georgian restaurant in Dubai, and I was invited here to try out their food. The interiors are really nice and I especially loved the art on the glass.

We tried the brunch there which includes soup, cold starters, Georgian pastry, mains, and sweet. We chose one alcoholic package (where we took wine) and one non-alcoholic (with strawberry mojito).

You have a choice of two soups to choose from. One is the supkharcho, and the one that we had was the chikhirtma. This has a base of chicken, flour, butter and eggs. It is served with shoti - the traditional Georgian bread. The soup was quite good, similar to a chicken broth, just a tad bit different.

For the cold starters, we had the kakhuri salad and the pkhaleulis tabla. The first one is mixed vegetables like cucumbe…

After Life - a gastropub in Downtown

This is a new gastropub that has started in souk al bahar, and a friend invited me to try out this place. 

They have seating indoors as well as outside. The ambience is nice; they have the bar counter in the middle and it has an ancient yet contemporary vibe to it. 

We ordered our drinks, and it took about 45 minutes for them to be served. 
The citrus twist gin & tonic was quite good. It is a classic with a bit of a citrus twist. 

Then we had the Old Fashioned with a twist. This one had some coffee in it along with spiced rum. There was also a kitkat bar in it. We found the alcohol in this to be a bit too much, and it didn't quite suit our tastebuds. 

Although the one which we really liked was the lychee gin coupe. It had coconut cream in it, and the cocktail was just superb. It felt smooth and really different than a regular cocktail. 

For the food too we had to wait for about half an hour. 
There was hummus as well as the Turkish hummus which has an addition of a blend of spices to…

Mumbai Express - vegetarian street food

I have been a regular here, and it is one of our go-to places when we're craving for vegetarian snacks. They have completed 7 years, and this time they invited me to try out their food.

Most of the times when I go there, it is hard to decide what to have since everything looks so tempting.

I started with the masala pav which is one of my favourite here. I personally love the generous amount of masala that they put in and on the pav, and really liked this. If you don't like too much of the masala, then perhaps you may not like it too much. Also, it is a bit on the spicier side.

We then had the onion rava masala dosa. It was crispy since we had asked for it to be made that way. It is served along with 2 types of chutneys and sambar. Having had a lot of their South Indian items, I can say that they are really good.

Then we ordered the spring roll. It was my first time trying it here and I really liked it. It was served hot and had a delicious filling inside. It is fresh unlike the on…

Exotica - Indo Chinese

This is an Indo-Chinese restaurant that has some really good dishes apart from the ones you get at most of the Indo-Chinese restaurants, and I was invited to try out their offerings.  They have seating indoors as well as outdoors.

We started with the crab meat soup which was mildly spicy, and the flavours of the crab were really good combined with the egg and coriander.

They recommended us the crispy spinach as one of their specials. You can have it with your choice of meat which is served on the side. We had ours with chicken which was made tangy and a little bit spicy. Although the spinach was the more interesting one. It is thinly chopped and crispy fried; it has a bit of a sweetish flavour to it. I really liked it initially but then it felt a bit too sweet for my liking.

Not too many Chinese places have sizzlers, but this one does. We had the mix sea-food Teriyaki sizzlers. These were made with prawns and fish (we aksed for the mussels to be removed), and it tasted delicious. It tast…

Fujya Japanese restaurant

I have been to quite a few Japanese restaurants but none came close to the experience that I had here. I was invited to try out the delicious food here.

They have seating indoors as well as outdoors. We sat outdoors for the barbeque. They started by setting up the bbq set at our table. It started with various types of wagyu. The first was the thinly sliced one (2.5mm) that they grilled. This was really delicious.

Then was the thickly sliced wagyu (3.5mm). This too was juicy and really flavourful; we could barely keep our hands off it.
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For the sushi, we started with the dragon roll. This one was a tad bit dry I felt, but did not taste bad.

Then we had the salmon and tuna nigiri which was pretty good.