Masala Craft

This is a restaurant located in Century Village which itself is a great location. When it is winter, you would love the outside seating. They invited me to try out their Friday brunch which is for AED 75 and I found it totally worth it.

Among the vegetarian starters there was chukandari tikki which was soft and really flavourful.
The onion bhaji is something more traditional and was great to have during the cold weather, though I'm not all that much of a fan of having it with my meals.
The malai methi paneer tasted great and the methi really brought out the taste of the paneer.

For the non-veg starters, I loved the Amritsari fish, and I could barely stop having it. It was really soft and flavourful. The masala that they used really accentuated the flavour.
Achari murg was good enough, and I liked it since it did not have too much of the tangy achari flavour to it.
The shammi kebab was great too and since it was all served hot, I really enjoyed it.

There are a lot of places that serve pan…

Ghee Rice - south Indian fusion restaurant

Initially, the name of this place made me feel like it is a casual diner, but it is a bit more upmarket.
It's been 5 years since they are in the UAE (Abu Dhabi), and recently the launched their Dubai outlet for which they invited us. 

I was also quite surprised by their menu offerings. They have a fusion menu of sorts. Though a lot of the dishes were form Kerala or had a touch of Kerala to it, there were other dishes too like pasta and Arabic salads.

We started with the salad tasting platter. It has whole wheat salad, fattoush, quinoa salad, and moutabel. It was my first time having a whole wheat salad and it was different. I found it a bit bland but the rest of them were fresh and tasted good. 

For appetisers, we started with the Inji-puli prawn. This was perhaps the most delicious of the starters. The flavours were on point. 
The black diamond looked and sounded interesting. It had truffle mushroom in it. The taste was just average for me though. 
The Mumbai keema tasted great with th…

Toshi - 7 flavours of Asia

This is an Asian restaurant that has just started its Friday brunch titled "7 flavours of Asia" to which I was invited. The brunch consists of food from Japan, China, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam.

The place has a nice vibe to it, and a good view too. 

There's a huge selection of sushi and salads. I could barely even taste all of them, but the sushis definitely kept me coming back for more. 

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Sarj Art Cafe

This is a newly opened restaurant in Dar Wasl mall that has a unique concept relating to its theme. The owner loves horses and that's what the themes revolves around. The word Sarj is Arabic for saddle. 

The place has pictures of horses around, helmets of horse-riders, the chairs near the bar are shaped like a saddle, and even the cruet set is shaped like a horseshoe. 

They invited me to try out their food which is a fusion of dishes from around the world.

I was pleasantly surprised to see mango lassi in the menu. It was thick, tasted great, and the quantity was generous too. 

We started with the Sarj rock shrimps which is their version of dynamite shrimps. They're served on a  lettuce leaf. I like the crispiness they had to it; the flavour was pretty good too. 

They've got sliders as well and we had the Sarj sliders which is a trio of three burgers. They have crispy chicken inside along with buffalo and 3-cheese sauce which is their chef's special. They were pretty creamy …