Vietnamese Foodies

I hadn't tried Vietnamese food before and when I heard about this, I was looking forward to check it out.  They had some music playing outside and it easily grabbed our attention. There is seating indoors (for about 15 people) as well as outdoors. 
They surprisingly have a wide variety of vegetarian items and that's what we tried. Some of the dishes might be available with meat too so you've got a choice there if you're a non-vegetarian. 
We started with the veg gyoza. These had a filling of water chestnut and carrot. Now I'm not a huge fan of water chestnut but these tasted really good. 
Next we chose one of the soups - the Pho Chay. The word "Chay" means vegetarian and you'll see it in a few more dishes in this review. This one had lotus root, mushroom, and tofu in it.It was served with some bean sprouts and chillies on the side, and I totally liked it. I did add a couple of sauces which they gave us and that really accentuated the flavour. Another favou…

The Meating Room - Karama

I recently was invited to this restaurant to try out their new menu. I had visited them a long time ago, and this time there were some new delicious dishes. 

The place isn't very big and has about 4-5 tables indoors. There is more seating outdoors though. 

In this summer we had to try out their kala khatta and lemon ginger mocktails which are really refreshing. 

While the food was being prepared, we munched on some fryums.

For the appetisers, we started with the po-tay-to po-tah-to. This is basically a meat stuffed potato patty. Being a huge fan of potato this was just heavenly for me. It was soft and very flavourful. You should totally try it. 

The chicken and cheese croquettes were also really good. If you like something cheesy, then this is a nice choice. They're served with schezwan sauce.

We had an assortment of grills too. The psychedelic lamb chops were perhaps my favourite. They're soft, yet well done; served with tzatziki dip, grilled vegetables and fries.

The botti lici…

Urban Fusion Cafe

This is a delivery review. 

I ordered some food from here via the Zomato app. 

The ultimate veggie burger was good enough. I liked the flavourful patty. It could have been a bit more saucy though. 

I took the add-on fries with the burger. The fries were totally soggy by the time they were delivered and I didn't like them at all.

The other item that I had was the masala noodles. These were average. I did expect some more vegetables in it, and some more spices too. 

It was the delivery time that I had a major issue with. I placed the order at 9:06pm. The estimated delivery time was 45 mins (which is still a bit on the higher side considering my delivery location was Mankhool). I called them after 45 mins and they said that the driver is on the way and I should get it within 15 mins. After 15 more mins (totally 1 hour), I called them, but they didn't pickup the phone despite calling multiple times. 
Finally after a total of 76 mins (from the time of placing order), the delivery guy rea…

Under 500 - DIFC

I've eaten at their other outlets and totally loved the food. This time I ordered in.
If you're looking for healthy food that also tastes great, the this is the place to order. Also, my family is vegetarian, so this is a vegetarian review.

I'm a fan of their lentil soup. It's totally different form the lentil soup that we're used to having. The lentils are whole and it is a clear broth. It also has some kale in it, and while I'm not much of a fan, it does taste good in this.

We ordered their vegetarian wrap -  they had just one option - the roasted root veg wrap. It's got zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato, red onions, feta cheese, spicy tahini dressing. The combination tasted great and was quite satisfying.

For the mains, we had the spicy lentil ragu. This has puy lentils along with garlic, mushroom leek, tomato, and is served on wild rice. I really liked the texture and consistency of this. The wild rie tastes a bit different than regular rice and not everyone …

Manoushe Street

We were looking for some healthy delicious food and decided to order in. 

We chose vegetarian options. They have some interesting vegetarian wraps.

Falafel is something that most of us love, so you can't go wrong with the baked green falafel wrap. The warm and crunchy falafel tasted great. 

For those who like a more European flavour, the Halloumi wrap is a great choice. It comes with some tomatoes in it too, and it tastes lovely. It doesn't have too many vegetables in it.

The roasted cauliflower wrap is something that I was trying for the first time, and before having it I was a bit apprehensive. It tasted lovely when I actually had it though. It had creamy sauces in it which gave it a good flavour. 

Last, but not the least, there was the vegan wrap. It has some guacamole, beetroot and a few other vegetables too. It felt a bit too healthy for me, but after a couple of bites, I really liked it. 

We also called for an eggplant mosakka. It has chickpeas, eggplant, and tomatoes. It has …

Khan Saheb

Their menu looked really interesting and they offered to send some food for a review. 

They sent a mix veg grill which had assorted vegetables. I like spicy, but I found this to be really spicy. It was a bit dry too. 

The paneer roll was pretty good. It is made wrapped in a chapati and had a nice flavour to it. 

For the mains, there was paneer makhni. I expected it to have a more creamy gravy to it. The taste wasn't bad but could have been better. 

The food overall was decent.

Burmese Noodles (Khow Suey) - Vegan Recipe

This is one of the recipes by my mom which I totally love and I'm glad to share it here.

This is a Vegan version which uses coconut milk. You can substitute it for regular milk if you don't want it vegan. 
Also, the main curry is totally oil-free. Oil is used only in the garnish. 

5 cups boiled noodles

For the tomato paste:

2 tomatoes,2 onions,5 cloves garlic,2 tbsp chopped ginger,3 green chillies,1/2 tspn turmeric powder,salt to tasteGrind the above ingredients into a smooth paste.

For the curry:

6 cups chopped mixed vegetables (carrot, cabbage, french beans, cauliflower, green peas)400 ml coconut milk1 1/2 tbsp besan (gram flour)salt to taste

Method for the curry:
Mix the gram flour in the coconut milk evenly so that no lumps are formed. Keep aside.
Heat a pan and pour the tomato paste in it. Let it cook for 5-7 mins.
Pour the chopped mixed vegetables, and add the salt.
Pour 4-5 cups of water and let the vegetables cook.
Add the besan and coconut milk mix to it.
Keep stirring …