Broccoli Pizza and Pasta

I've seen many outlets of this restaurant but hadn't tried it before. They recently invited me to try out the food at this new Jumeirah outlet.

It isn't a very big outlet; it has two tables for four people and a couple of tables that seat two each. The outlet was quite empty when we went, and we were the only ones dining in that day. 
It also did seem under-staffed with just one staff member doing pretty much everything - Jen - who was friendly and served with a smile. 

The super meat pizza sounded tempting. It had cheese, Italian sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olive, turkey, and pepperoni. We ordered a medium one of this. 
As soon as she was done with the pending orders, she started making our pizza. It did take a fair bit of time to be served. From the time we entered the restaurant till the time we got our pizza, it was 30 minutes. 
The pizza tasted delicious. The crust was soft enough, the toppings were delicious, and it was cheesy too. 

They have a good choic…

Shabestan - Radisson Blu

While looking for good iftar places we came across this one, and since it had Zomato gold on iftar we decided to try it out. 
When I called them to book, I learnt that all the restaurants have a common buffet; just the seating is in the particular restaurant. 
I wanted to book for another restaurant here, but it didn't quite matter. 

The restaurant was a 5 minute walk from the entrance. We finally reached the designated floor and went to Shabestan where they showed us to our table. We saw an empty table from where we could get a good view and asked for it, but they told us that it was already booked. 

As soon as Iftar started, all the people started queuing at the common buffet area which was outside the restaurant. Within no time it was just like a fish market, and all the counters had huge queues. 

There obviously was a wide variety of food to choose from, since this was a common buffet for 4-5 restaurants. 

Hummus, salads, kebabs, fruits, biryani, sushi, pasta, stroganoff, sea-food, …

Senses - iftar buffet

We went here for Iftar during Ramadan. They accept zomato gold (also on iftar buffet) and that was the prime reason for choosing this place. 
They had changed the seating area from the main restaurant to one of the other conference rooms where there was a makeshift arrangement. This was informed to us when we called them to make the booking, although it did feel a tad bit odd and too quiet to sit there.

The buffet spread was not too impressive; there wasn't much choice too. 

Among the salads there was beans salad, cucumber Lebanese salad, macaroni salad, hummus, labneh, tabbouleh. I liked the hummus and the labneh while the rest of the salads were not bad. 

For starters, there was chili chicken which was a bit too garlic-y. 
The spring rolls were quite good.
The fish from the fish and chips was average. 

There was spaghetti bolognese as well, which was good enough but could have had some more flavour to it. 

The roasted chicken was quite good. 

It came as quite a surprise to see vegetable …

JAM Rolled Arabia

When I saw the name it definitely sounded like an interesting concept. They basically have ice-cream rolls in different forms, and when I was invited here, I learnt that they use only natural ingredients which came as a pleasant surprise. They have fresh real ice-cream, and even the various sauces used for flavouring are made from natural fruits. 

We started with the Ferrero taco. It is an ice-cream roll that is made with Ferrero Rocher, and it topped with Ferrero too, as well as chocolate sauce and served in a taco. If reading this itself has got you craving for it, you definitely need to try it out. This was among my my favourites here. The crispy taco along with the soft ice-cream roll and the Ferrero tastes just amazing. 

The next one was the mango mango. As you must have guessed, it is a mango ice-cream roll, and it is topped with real mango pieces. The mangoes that are used throughout the year deffer since you don't get the same mangoes all year round, and they source mangoes …

Entre Nous

This restaurant is located in the lobby level in Novotel. We had gone here for iftar and they had a set menu for AED 140. It was quite crowded the day we went. The food looked appetising when we had a look before the iftar started.

There was a selection of dates and dryfruits, salads and cold starters, soup, hot starters, mains and dessert.

When we actually started serving the food in our plate and having it, it tasted average. It wasn't bad, but we were certainly expecting more.
The salads were plenty and did taste fresh and nice - fattoush, tabbouleh, hummus, eggplant salad, pasta salad, potato salad, chickpea salad, muhammara and more.
The shawarma sandwich (rolls) was dry and below average.

There were three types of meat for the grills. This too was average, and tasted a bit dry.
There was ravioli too, and that tasted good.

I also liked the Ouzi here.

There were some good desserts too. I liked the cakes, and the umm ali.

At the end of the meal, we were full, but not satisfied.


Being from India, as soon as I hear "pao", I get excited because it is something that we strongly associate with street-food. I couldn't wait to try out this place when they invited me here. 

It is not a very big place, but they have done it up well with some nice walls and a desi touch to it. 

Their concept is basically having various stuffings inside a pao; just like vada-pav but much more interesting. Before getting onto those, we called for an appetiser that really caught my attention - the kurkure bhindi - crispy fried okra. I'm a fan of bhindi and hence easy to please with it. It was served hot, not too oily, and with green chutney on the side. The chutney itself was also good, not too thin and watery. but thick and spicy. I took a bite of the kurkure bhindi, and almost finished it in no time. 

They have a good selection of veg as well as non-veg paos. 
The non-veg one that we had was the O'Triple Schezwan Pao. It has desi Chinese Chicken, egg, and noodles. Aft…

Kulfilicious - Al Nahda

This is definitely the place where I have seen the widest range of kulfi offerings, and I was eagerly looking forward when I was invited to try out their new outlet.

They have kulfis as a stick, or you can even have it cut into pieces and served in a bowl.

The paan flavour was really nice, and you can't go wrong with this one. You feel like you're having paan.

The avocado flavour was something different and I hadn't had it before, but I personally did not enjoy it much.

If you like something on the sweeter side, then the rose flavour is also a good it.

I also liked the Saffron flavour. It wasn't too sweet, but had a nice flavour of saffron to it.

They have interesting items named after various places, and we tried Lahore. It is a combination of jelly and falooda topped with rabdi, and you can have your choice of kulfi with it. This was really nice since you get to have falooda, and at the same time it doesn't become overly sweet, and is also convenient to eat a…