Khao Siam 45

This is a newly started Thai restaurant in Business Bay; more precisely in Baywaters Towers. It might be a bit hard to find, but use the map location and it will lead you to the building. Park in the building and from the parking, go towards the other side where you'll find this restaurant. 

Khao Siam in Thai means Rice of Thailand and 45 is an auspicious number as it adds up to 9. 

They source a lot of their ingredients to maintain the authentic taste which I was invited to try out.

I started with the poh pia phak (deep fried vegetable spring rolls). These were served on a bed of fried noodles, and sweet chilli sauce on the side. These tasted quite good though I wouldn't say the best. 

Next was the famous Thai soup Tom Yam goong which is a tangy and spicy soup and was made with shrimp (goong). This was a tad bit different than the ones I've usually had. I bit more tangy and hot. Pretty good overall. 

For the mains too, there was one of my favourite Thai dishes - the gang kiew …

Back to Grills - Asian grills and bbq restaurant

I'm sure most of us love grills, and when I was invited here, I was looking forward to see what are their offerings and the concept.

The place is small though cozy, and their menu is a bit different from most of the "grill" places that I've come across. 

Before our food arrived, they got us some chinese bhel to munch on. Crunchy, and a hint of spicy and sweet to it. 

We started with the veg platter which has some interesting items in it. The one which I totally enjoyed was the soya chhaap. These were soft and really flavourful. There were also the cottage cheese pineapple skewers which were nice, veg brochettes, smoked baby corn, and cream cheese almond broccoli which were also quite good. 

They gave a roomali roti along with this which was soft and hot, and goes well with the soya chhaap.

For the non-veg starters I had the lamb boti. The lamb was prepared really well in what they call Nawab's secret spices. It is slow cooked on char-grill. You get a lovely aroma and …

Socialicious - Asian fusion

I've seen this restaurant a few times while passing by, and had had tea here a while ago, but this time I was invited by a friend of mine to try out the food here. 

It is a really nice place, although not very big. They have seating indoors and a little bit of outdoors as well.

They have a lot of interesting items, and we wanted to try them all. 

We started with the chef's special mocktail. It doesn't have a specific name as far as I know but is available on request. It is watermelon based and has the chef's secret ingredients in it. We took a sip and totally loved it. With a hint of spice to it, the combination was just amazing.

We started with the tom kha chicken soup. Loved the flavour of the coconut milk in it, as well as the spicy overtones. It felt really comforting and was served along with some crackers on the side. 

Being a big fan of shrimps, I had to try out the prawn skewers. Coated with some lovely spices and served with peanut sauce on the side, these tasted d…

Pita Pit

This is a place that serves healthy but really delicious food. It is a very small outlet, and I'd ideally suggest a take away since there is seating for about 6-8 people. 

They basically have wraps and salad bowls, and the best part is that you can see them making it in front of you. They also have some juices. 

They have some really good options, and I was confused what to get. I ordered the spicy chicken wrap. This has got chicken that's grilled in sriracha sauce, and some fresh veggies like tomato, mushroom, lettuce, and more. I took a bite and I must say it was really delicious. The chicken is spicy, but the spicy flavour isn't overpowering since you have a lot of vegetables in there. This was big and a meal by itself. You have a choice of white or brown bread; and you can choose your sauces too. 

You can also customize your dishes, so we chose our ingredients for the salad. We didn't see many options for vegetarian so we chose the halloumi for the protein. Along with…

Malolo Poke

I've been a fan of poke since I had it the first time, and we decided to check this one out since we were in the vicinity. 
As soon as we entered, there was a weird smell' we kinda let it go.

They have poke bowls which you can customize as well as the pre-set ones. We chose customization.

I wanted the one with crab, but they were out of crab that evening. So I chose shrimp as the protein. For my base, I had quinoa, topped it with zucchini, purple cabbage, red onions, and edamame. For the sauce, I took the wasabi cream, and then sesame and crispy onion as the topping. I liked the flavours of this. The wasabi did get a bit too strong towards the end. The shrimp tasted just average I felt though. 

The other poke bowl that my friend customized had the base of kale. Along with it there was salmon as the protein, some zucchini, mango, and he chose the Malolo sauce. This is a sauce with some a good flavour, a tad bit sweetish and spicy. It did taste good overall. 

I'm not sure if it w…

Zawyet Maryam

Zawyet Maryam is a Middle Eastern restaurant in JLT. It literally translates to Maryam corner. It has an earthy feel to it and I was invited to try out their food. 

There is a see through kitchen and a lovely seating area which looks spacious. Look carefully, and it isn't all that big but still bigger than most restaurants in JLT. 

We started with a manakish. They have various kinds and they recommended the Maryam special manakish. It has cheese, olive, and parsley in it. I always think of manakish as being an open one (like a pizza), but this was closed (like a sandwich). It was nice and cheesy, and combined with the olives and the parsley it definitely tasted pretty good. It did feel a tad bit dry after a few bites. 

We then moved on to one of their sandwiches  - the chicken and garlic sandwich. The filling inside was really good, and it tasted nice too but the bread was a bit thick for our liking and it felt dry. Perhaps they can give garlic sauce and / or mayonnaise on the side s…