Arabic buffet in S Hotel Barsha

I was recently invited by S hotel in Al Barsha to try out their newly launched dinner buffet. The recently started buffet is available on Thursdays, and the timings are from 7:30pm to 11pm and it is priced at AED 79.

The buffet consists of a wide variety of Arabic dishes. A nice selection of cold starters like hummus, fattoush, moutabel, zaatar labneh balls, and lots more. 

The hot starters were quite good. I especially liked the fattet hummus which had a nice flavour to it. The cheese sambosek were average though. 

The cajun spiced roasted potato was nice and chunky. 

For fish lovers, there's clob fried fish too which was pretty good. 

A traditional famous Arabic appetiser is the kibbeh, although the one here was just average. 

They had a nice selection of beverages too. 

For the mains, I started with the lamb lubia saloma. It was my first time having this, and I had it along with rice. It has a very mild flavour to it, and wasn't something that I liked very much.

They had various ki…

Osh -Uzbek cuisine at La Mer

This is an interesting casual diner located at the North end of La Mer that serves Uzbek / Russian food and cuisines from around the place. They invited me to try out their food. 

It was a bit dimly lit is what I noticed as soon as I entered. They have a nice see-through kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing delicious meals in front of you. 

We started with their salads. First we had the aubergine salad. The texture of this was very different from what I'd expect from an aubergine. It wasn't squishy, but sort of firm and looked like  a well cooked cube. There was some feta cheese in it too, and I really liked this one. 

The other one was the bahor salad. This was basically made from cucumber julienne in a yoghurt preparation. It tasted fresh but the taste wasn't something unique I'd say.

The potato and mushroom vareniki is something that I really liked a lot. It had a lovely texture and was a bit juicy too; something similar to a dumpling.  

Then I had the lamb mant…

Akss - India Reimagined

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant combined with Little Italy (they share the same seating area and you get two different menus). 
The decor is a bit of an old style feel to it, yet nicely done. 

Have a look at the menu and there are way too many interesting items and we wanted to order them all.

Being a fan of pani puri, I had the pani puri caprioska. This is a mocktail made with the spicy water from the pani puri and on top there's a piece of pani puri (for the aesthetics). It was spicy, with a hint of sweet; the flavours were really strong and I really enjoyed it. 

Another street food that I'm a huge fan of is the pav bhaji, so we had to check out the pav bhaji bombs. This is very similar to regular pav bhaji, but the bhaji is put inside the pav, and the pav is a bit smaller than usual, so you can have it in a bite or two. It tasted good enough, but I was expecting a bit better. 

We then moved on to their desi version of the pizza - the Naanza. The naan is topped with paneer a…

Copper Kettle - Sports city

This is their newly opened outlet in Sports city, and I found this to be better than the one in silicon oasis. 

We started with the mix grill which had shish tawook, grilled chicken, fish tikka, malai boti, chicken tikka, and seekh kebab. This tasted really good. I especially liked the fish tikka and malai boti. 

Among the Chinese starters we had the cashew-nut chicken. This had a nice sauce to it and the cashews gave a nice crunch. Definitely worth a try. 

For the mains, we had chicken green kadhai to start with. This was something different and I was trying it for the first time. It was good enough.

The chicken green chilli lemon was next and I really enjoyed it. It was flavourful.

Mutton balti gosht is something worth a try if you like spicy. It had a prominent flavour to it. 

For the vegetarian dishes, we had paneer masala which was quite good. 

The butter paneer though was a bit too sweet for our liking. 

We had this with the cheese naan which is a must try here. There was also aloo naan…

Chalet Berezka

The name of this restaurant has its roots in soviet state. It serves Russian and Ukrainian cuisine and invited me to try out some of their dishes. 

I really liked the ambience here. It is spacious and they have a see-through kitchen. They also have outdoor seating which would be perfect during winters. For those who like shisha, there is a smoking section upstairs which also has karaoke. 

We started with some garden salad which was a mix of fresh vegetables topped with sour cream dill dressing. It also had an egg in it which I liked. 

For mocktails, we had a pina colada, and a passion fruit based drink. 
They serve alcoholic drinks as well.

Then we had some assorted varenili. One of them was stuffed with potato and mushroom which I enjoyed. The other one had cottage cheese and cherry which was a bit sweet for my liking, but had an interesting flavour if you like to try something different. 

The beef carpaccio is what we had next. This is beef tenderloin topped with sun-dried tomatoes, rocke…