This is a newly started restaurant located near Burjuman. The name itself will tell you that it has a desi feel to it. It also has a upmarket feel though. The interiors are dimly lit and the place also has a live band performing. 
A friend invited me here to try out the food. 

We sat in the are beside the stage. It feels a bit secluded from the rest of it, and I'm not someone who likes crowd, so we sat here. It was pretty quiet then as the live band was yet to start playing. Also, it was a weekday. 

They have some interesting cocktails; not only the name but also the presentation and the taste. 
The first one was the paan ki shaan. This is a vodka based cocktail that has paan syrup, pineapple, sour mix, and is smoked with dried spices. It felt refreshing and totally felt like I was drinking paan (if that's possible). 

The next cocktail was called chai on a high. This is a vodka based cocktail too and has pear syrup, sour mix, pineapple juice and color changing blue tea. This looked…

Project Chaiwala

Project Chaiwala is such a catchy name, and especially if you're a tea-lover then you would be curious as to what's it about. I was invited to this restaurant to check out their offerings. 

They have a combo for AED 50 which includes 1 of the 'bites', 1 wrap, and a tea. We took two of these combos. 

For one of our wraps we chose a spicy chana wrap which was the vegetarian option. This really tasted good. There was a generous amount of chana in it and it was really filling. 

For the side, we chose the sweet potato masala fries. This was an interesting item. They were cut like potato wedges but were made from sweet potato, and had some light masala (spices) sprinkled on it. They did taste quite good, but were served in a paper cup which was a bit weird. 

For the tea, we took zaffrani chai (saffron tea). This was good enough. 

For the other combo we had the mutton kebab wrap. I really liked this. The kebabs were soft and delicious, and the filling inside was good too. There wa…

Lucky Voice - brunch out loud

Lucky voice has recently started their Friday brunch which is called "Brunch Out Loud". Along with the brunch, they have the lip sync battle, open mic and singing bee concepts. For each reservation, you can nominate one person to to compete.
I was invited here for the brunch which takes place from 1 to 4pm. From 4 to 5pm every group get a complimentary karaoke experience.
The brunch comprises of an eat-all-you-can international selection. It is priced at AED 195 with soft drinks, AED 295 with house beverages, and AED 350 with the sparkling package. They have seating upstaris as well as downstairs.

We started our brunch with some light bites. They got us a platter of tortilla chips, chipotle prawns, mozzarella & Camembert bites, and chicken wings. Along with that there was the tzatziki dip on the side. The prawns and the Camembert bites were good, and I surely liked the tortilla chips. The chicken wings felt a bit dry though.

I'm a fan of edamame beans and was enjoying th…

Roda Grill

This place has a nice interior which has a classic feel to it. The wooden interiors coupled with the dim lighting give an upmarket feel to it. A friend of mine invited me here to try out the food. 

As we ordered our food, they got us some fresh bread. They were soft and hot, and tasted great with some pesto. 

For our appetizer, we ordered the smoked salmon. This was Scottish salmon which was served along with pickled cornichons, silver onions, caper & horseradish cream. The salmon tasted fantastic and the flavours of this dish were complementing each other very well. 

The other appetizer was an interesting one. It was fresh burrata and beet hummus. The burrata was creamy and the beet hummus appealed to your taste-buds too. It was garnished with pomegranate seeds and rocca leaves. 

For our mains, we tried one of the house specials - the Angus beef and mushroom pie. This was cooked in a brown gravy that was flavourful, although not overpowering. It was served in a pot covered with flake…

Kaffe Bloom - Asian coffee shop

This is an Asian cafe, but more specifically a Korean and Japanese coffee shop that we were invited to. This was my first time to an Asian coffee shop and I was pleasantly surprised to see the offerings there. 

We started with a yuzu soda. The soda itself looked similar to lemonade, and in fact is made form a citrus fruit too, but tasted a bit different. It doesn't feel all that sour, and the way they made it felt refreshing. 
If you want to try something new, they have the Korean Plum soda too, and this did taste pretty good. 
They also have a cold brew green tea that takes a few hours to brew. This too was something that you might have to develop a bit of a taste for, and might not appeal at first go; definitely not if you don't like green tea. 

Then they got us some Thai ice-tea which I totally enjoyed as I'm a fan of this in general. When I first had Thai ice-tea, I did not like it much as the idea of having milk in cold tea did not appeal to me; but when I tried it for a …