Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage is restaurant and bar in the newly opened Millenium Grand hotel in Business Bay and I was invited to try it out. 

It is located beside the creek. They've got outside seating too, from where you can get a view of the creek, and enjoy the pleasant weather during winters. 

We started with a beer and merlot. 

For this evening, it was a tasting menu and we got to try out a few of their dishes, most of which were bar snacks and finger food. 

We started with a pumpkin me which is a chilled pumpkin soup. The idea of a chilled pumpkin soup didn't quite excite me and after having a sip, my initial apprehensions were right. I don't have the taste-buds for this at all. 

The one that I loved the most was the canal-mari. It was breaded calamari which was really crispy and hot, and was served with an aioli dip. Do try this one out. 

For those who like a cold starter, there is the think pink which is baby shrimps along with a cocktail sauce. This tasted pretty good too. 

They tried d…

Baker Street - JLT

All you Sherlock fans must be so excited, and rightly so, but don't get your expectations all too high since this place doesn't revolve much around your favourite fictional detective. This place does have a lot of things that are distinctively London which gives it the feel of baker street though.
I was invited by a friend to try out the place. 

They have some interesting things to drink, and I started with the chilled double chocolate fudge shake - iced. This was delicious. It was served at the right temperature and more importantly it had the right thickness (consistency) to it. It wasn't too thick to make you full, but not too thin and watery either. 

We also had one of their muesli shakes. This was milky, not too thick, but was filling and is a great choice for breakfast. 

To munch on, we had the classic British item - a toasted sandwich. It was the toasted cheese sandwich which contains English cheddar, tomatoes, branston pickle, and English mustard. A lot of times, a che…

Betawi - Indonesian street food in karama

This is a small Indonesian restaurant in karama. It is not an upmarket place, but it has a very homely feel to it and I really liked that. The food too is presented in a homely way without any frills and tastes so too.

We started with the tahu isi which is a tofu based dish. The tofu is fried and can be filled with various ingredients (and/or meat) based on your preference. I liked the taste of this one, and it tasted great with the sauces that they give you on the side.

On that note, the sambal here was really spicy the way it is supposed to be. It wasn't toned down like a lot of other places do, so have it sparingly.

The next one was the bakwan goreng. It is a fried snack that looks like Indian bhajjiyas. They're fried vegetable fritters. The taste was not bad but it was very chewy and got really hard within a few minutes. I'm not sure if it was meant to be that way, but we didn't enjoy it much.

For our mains, we called for one Mi Goreng which are basically stir-fried no…

Jay's Cafe

This is a newly opened restaurant in Karama that has been started by Jay (and hence the name) who has been a chef in many restaurants before. I was invited to try out the food here.
The place isn't too big but has been decorated well. They have an upstairs seating that has a desi feel to it with quotes dotted around the place.

To start with, they got us a paan lassi shot. This was thick like a lassi should be and had the flavour of paan. We definitely really liked it a lot.

We were spoilt for choice, and asked them for their food recommendation.
They suggested the mushroom aloo papad tikki for the vegetarian starter. The combination sounded really nice. Papad is used in a lot of dishes in Rajasthan and since the owner is from there, the restaurant does have a few Rajasthani dishes on the menu.
These tikkis were really soft; they just melted in the mouth. I'm a fan of potato and perhaps that's why I liked it even more.

The other starter was the chicken hara masala. This is made i…

Daily Dose Cafe

This is a cafe located on Jumeirah road that has really nice breakfast options. The ambience is earthy with a lot of natural lighting which makes it a great option to start your day with a scrumptious breakfast. They invited me to try out the place and and it was a very nice experience dining here. 

As soon as you enter, you'll notice the woody interiors with plants dotted around the place. They've got a couple of tables with glass panels around and you could bask in the sun too. This has an upmarket feel to it compared to a lot of other breakfast places. 

As we waited for our orders, they got us some brown bread along with labneh and olives.

My friend order the halloumi on toast. It also has slices of avocado, tomatoes, and is topped with sun-dried tomatoes. I'm not that big a fan of halloumi since a lot of times it feels a bit dry, but this combination tasted great. The tomatoes and avocado balanced the flavours. It comes with salad on the side. 

They have breakfast platters…