Little Lahore

This is a nice Pakistani restaurant located in JLT, and they invited me to try out their food.
The ambience is nice and it was better than what I usually see in the JLT area.

We started with some refreshing sakanjabeen (lemondae) before the food arrived.

For the appetisers, we had the Lahori fish. It was soft and was fried with a nice masala to it.

The other starter recommended by them was the kurkure bhindi. I've usually had this as just fried bhindi but this prepared along with some curd which came as a surprise. It tasted really good although a bit different that what I had expected.

For the kebabs, we had the mutton seekh kebab. This was just about average. It could have been a bit softer and had a little more flavour to it.

The chicken boti too wasn't something I relished. It wasn't too soft, and the flavour hadn't seeped in well.

The chicken achari handi was really good. It had an orange gravy that had a lovely flavour to it.

We also had the nihari. This was really soft …

Black Tap

If you love delicious burgers and are willing to let go off your diet, then this is the place to go. 
The place has a casual and rustic look and the location is great too. 

They have some interesting burgers and I wasted them all. I finally settled for the Cuban burger. This is a new addition to their menu. The burger uses prime meat and has smoked brisket in it. The soft smokey flavour of the meat will definitely make your mouth water. The burger also has smoked Swiss cheese, turkey ham, chimmichurri sauce, and Cuban mustard sauce. You want to go have it already, don't you?
All burgers also come with a side of fries (regular / sweet potato).

There are various wings too, and we tried the spicy Korean bbq wings. The wings were juicy and flavourful; topped with the sweet and spicy bbq sauce, sesame seeds, and served with their buttermilk dressing on the side. Definitely recommend trying these. 

We then had the atomic shrimp which is similar to dynamite shrimp. It is topped with scallions…

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor - Vegan Review

We were looking for a good Indian restaurant to go to that has Vegan options. My folks had recently started exploring Veganism (though have always been vegetarian) and wanted to go to a restaurant that caters to this dietary restriction. The restaurant has some vegan options and some other vegetarian dishes that can be made vegan on request. 

Most of the below dishes are vegan or can be made vegan on request. We called the chef and he suggested us some dishes based on our preferences.

They got us some papads to munch on with an assortment of delicious chutneys / dips. 

After this, there was a palate cleanser called the vegetarian Egg Yolk. It only looked like a yolk but was actually a mango liquid inside a gelatinous ball that bursts in your mouth.

For our soup, we had the tomato and basmati shorba. It had some pandan leaves in it that gave a nice flavour, and there was murmura (rice puffs) on which they poured the tomato broth. It was tangy, hot, and a bit spicy too. It was a comforting …

Maya's Restaurant

This is a small restaurant located in Oud Metha, and perhaps I wouldn't have noticed it had my friend not taken me there. 

It was late at night and it was still open; we were the only customers here. 

We started with some masala papad to munch on.

By the time we were done with the papad, our food was already served. 

We had some kurkure bhindi which my friend suggested. It was not only crispy but also tasted great. I enjoyed it especially since I'm a fan of bhindi. 

For the mains, we had the soya tikka masala. The soya chunks were soft, and were prepared in a delicious gravy. 

Along with it we had some hot phulkas, and later jeera rice which made our meal complete. 

The food tasted homely and delicious. 

Biryani Culture - vegetarian delivery review

This is a delivery only restaurant located in Karama and they offered to send me some food to try out.

Since my family is vegetarian, I opted for vegetarian dishes. They have a small menu and the vegetarian options are extremely limited.

The first was a starter - the tawa paneer kebab. Paneer was marinated in a spicy masala. The masala was definitely flavourful, however I was expecting the paneer to be a bit softer.

The veg biryani was served with raita. The biryani tasted just average. I could have had more masala and some more vegetables in it. It felt like there was just rice in it.
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For dessert, they sent gulab jamun which was good. This too could have been a bit softer.

Let's Asia

I'm fond of Asian food, and they sent me some food for a review. I usually order vegetarian food at home and so this is a vegetarian review. They have a good choice for vegetarian.

For starters, I ordered the dynamite veggies. These were crispy fried veggies with dynamite sauce on the side. They tasted good, though had become a bit soggy by the time they were delivered. 

The other appetiser was edamame beans. The quantity was good and it was made in salt and chilli flakes which gave a good taste to it.. 

For the mains, I ordered the gangnam barbeque sauce which is one of the vegetarian ones. I chose udon noodles, and along with it I added tofu as the protein. For the vegetables, I asked for bok choi, bean sprouts, broccoli, baby corn, shitake mushroom and bell peppers. The sauce was flavourful; spicy with and a bit sweetish too. The tofu was cut into long pieces. The shitake mushroom especially tasted good. 

The food was pretty good overall.

Mr. Biryani

It had biryani in its name and that had my attention. I was looking forward to this place when they invited me. 

I wasn't expecting much from the ambience but it was lovely and felt upmarket. The interiors is a bit on the darker side.

We started with the tandoori sea-food platter. It was really interesting. I liked the prawns in this. The lobster was good too. 

There was a Chinese platter too and it had a variety of items. I especially liked the spring rolls and the chicken lollipop. The sauces with it accentuated the flavours.

Another classic Indo-Chinese is the chilly chicken, and this was made well too, and had a saucy flavour to it.

They also have Iranian mixed grill which I found a bit weird. I did not like the kebabs in this one.

For our beverages, we had some some juices. There was watermelon, pineapple, and orange. All of these were freshly squeezed.

Now coming to the mains, I had the chicken schezwan fried rice which was really good. It wasn't too spicy but was mild. 

The taw…