MotaFish - South Indian seafood

Motafish a small restaurant in barsha. It's a south Indian restaurant that is known for their seafood. They invited me to try out the food. 

We started with an interesting drink - sambharam. I was thinking it has something to do with sambhar, but that wasn't the case at all. It is buttermilk that is spiced. It has green chillies, curry leaves, ginger, and herbs in it. It was a bit different from the masala chhaas that I'm used to having usually. This one was a bit spicier, not on the tongue but on the throat. It was nice for a change. 

For appetisers, they suggested us the Natholi fry. These are anchovies marinated in a spicy masala and fried. These were crispy and the masala made them taste really good. 

Another Kerala speciality that they recommended was the Kerala Chicken fry. These are chunks of chicken (which look boneless but are not) that are marinated in their secret spices. This tasted a bit dry and was just average. 

We definitely wanted to try out the prawns here, a…

Grub Shack - Indian fusion

I've been wanting to go here since a long time but due to some reason I never ended up going, until this day when a friend of mine invited me here. 

The place really has a nice vibe to it. They had live music on the Tuesday when we went. The tables and chairs have an earthy wooden feel. 

We started with some of their mocktails. They first got us the jack frost. This is basically a virgin pina colada but light blue in colour, served with smoke around it. I love pina colada and I liked this even better. 

The other one was the mango chili and this blew my mind. It had a nice consistency to it; wasn't too watery or toot thick. The chili definitely added that kick to it. 

For appetisers, we started with the double dragon king prawns. These prawns were huge, spicy, and crispy. The sauce that it was prepared in gave an Indo-Chinese flavour to it. Being a fan of prawns, I could barely keep my hands off it. 

After that we had the calamari twist. It was served on a little bicycle. These are …

Wing Stop

In the mood for some wings, we decided to check this place out. They aso have a 1+1 offer for Liv bank /travellers app.

We decided to go for two combos or the 6 piece chicken with fries and a drink. You can choose a mix of boneless and the regular wings, and 2 sauces with eah combo.

I really liked the mango habanero. The mango tastes really good, at the same time it is extremely hot.

The hickory smoked bbq was nice too with a smokey flavour and the bbq sauce. 

The original hot was okay. It is spicy if that's what you want, but an average flavour. 

A step ahead of this one is the atomic. Have this at the end if you choose this because it is so hot that you do not get enough flavour of any of the other since it is that spicy. Not for the faint hearted. 

The person at the counter could have smiled a little. 

Tibbs Frankie - JLT

I'm a fan of Indian street food and there aren't many dedicated places for frankie, so I was eager to check out this place when they invited me.

The restaurant has 4 tables and each can seat about four people, so the place is a bit small. Although during non-peak hours you should easily get a place there.

We started with the chicken tikka frankie. The chicken had a nice flavour to it, and the wrap was good too.

Then we had the veg schezwan frankie. I think I liked the flavours of this one more. It is the vegetable frankie with schezwan in it. This one was also a bit more crispier.

They also serve sandwiches. We had the veg grilled sandwich. It had potato, cucumber, tomato, and cheese in it. It tasted nice, although nothing special. It had a very homely feel to it.

Then we had the bbq chicken tikka grilled sandwich. This one definitely had a better taste and texture to it. We were really enjoying this one. The chicken was soft and really flavourful. It complemented the crispy bread.

Biryani Adda

I'm always up for biryani and I had heard good things about this place so we went there for dinner. 

For the first 5 mins nobody attended to us. The waiters were attending other tables and took the order of customers who came after us. It was almost like we didn't exist. 

We asked for a mutton biryani, but they had ran out of it (with the exception of mutton boti biryani). They do not have any sea-food, so our choice for the biryani was pretty much just chicken. 

We ordered one chicken delight combo and one chicken royal combo
The delight consists of half chicken dum biryani, 4 pieces of Chicken 65, mirch ka salan, raita, and a sweet. The royal consists of 4 pieces of chicken tikka (instead of the 65), and rest is the same. 

The royal combo took 10 minutes to be served since they had to freshly prepare the chicken tikka. It was worth the wait. The chicken tikka was soft, with the flavours of charcoal seeped right in. 

The chicken 65 was average, and a bit oily too.

The chicken biry…

Indian Kitchen - JLT

This restaurant serves Indian as well as Indo-Chinese cuisine that that we were invited to try out. 

The ambience is just about average and perhaps that is one thing which put me off. They could do so much better. 

We started with some beverages. I liked the jal jeera which had soda in it. The mango lassi was good too. Not overly sweet or thick.

For starters we had a non veg platter. I really liked the fish tikka in it. It was soft and flavourful. The mutton seekh was also really good. It could have been a bit softer but nothing to complain about. The chicken tikka was not bad either. 

In the vegetarian platter, the hara bhara kebab was good, and so was the cauliflower. However, I did not like the mushroom; this had a weird taste to it. 

The chicken lollipop was crispy and the chicken tasted good too, especially along with the sauce that was served. 

The chili chicken not only looked tempting but also tasted good. It was really spicy and I personally loved it, although it may be a bit too s…