My gastronomical journey through Turkey

Turkish food does have some similarities to the food in UAE since it is in the Arab region, but there are a lot of different dishes, and also the same dishes which taste a bit different made the Turkish way. Hence, I decided to write a post dedicated to just the food there. I have written another post detailing our visit (excluding the food). It includes the hotel, sightseeing, visa process, currency information, and a lot more in detail. You can read it here.

Since we had taken guided tours on almost all the days, we had lunch included in our tour. These were local restaurants with good food, but not necessarily ones which would have specifically been on my list to try. Although, we did go to different places and explored local food ourselves. Read on to find out.
Street snacks:Let me start with the street snacks there. One of the things I saw very prominently all over Istanbul was the cart selling bread; it is called simit. It looks like a pretzel. It comes in various flavours (savo…

Turkey - a visit to the Ottoman empire

We were checking out interesting destinations to visit from UAE and came across Turkey. It was an impromptu trip and we explored more things than we had thought of.


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Booking:We booked it through Holiday Factory; the price was around AED 1700 per person (on a twin sharing basis). This includes the flight and 6 nights accommodation in a 3 star hotel which was just average.
Visa:We applied for the visa ourselves and it took about 3-5 days and cost us around AED 800. 
Here's the detailed Visa Application process
Currency:We exchanged our currency in Dubai before travelling. We got a price of 5% less than the inter-bank rate. I did not check the rates at the exchanges in Turkey, but our tour agencies accepted Euros and U.S. Dollars at the current inter-bank rate which came as a pleasant surprise. Although, in one of the towns there…