Bombay Kulfi

If you're a desi, I'm sure you love kulfi. There are a lot of kulfi places around town and more are opening every day. Bombay kulfi has recently opened up in karama and I was invited to try it out. 

As soon as I entered, I liked the clean look that the place has to it. It has some posters and some quotes on the wall, and that's about it. The ambience is very simple overall. 
We started with their guava chilli. It is a guava flavoured kulfi with chili powder on top. I got a really nice flavour of the guava and the chili really added spice to it. Since I personally like spicy, there was ample chili powder on it, but you can have a little lesser if you prefer it that way.  I liked it more than the guava chili that I've had in other places. 
The next flavour we had was the tender coconut. It is a part of their "BK Naturals" series which have a totally natural flavouring. If you're a fan of coconut, you will certainly enjoy this flavour. Being from the naturals co…

Al Ibdaa

This is a cafe located in Barsha that I was invited to try out.  My experience was fantastic right from before I entered the place. There is public parking right outside the cafe. Also, it's a free parking section. 
The interiors feels classy with a use of pastel colour scheme using shades of pink, white, brown, and green. 
We started with the Arabic breakfast platter which had a selection of Arabic mezze. I really liked the falafels. They weren't served in a fancy way but were crunchy and hot, and tasted really good. 
The foul had a nice flavour to it, though it was a tad bit on the lemony side, but nothing to complain about. 
The hummus had a nice consistency to it, although was served in quite a small portion. There was labneh too, and I liked that even more. 
The platter had salad as well, but it didn't look too appealing; the taste wasn't bad though. 
While choosing our drinks, I came across an interesting one - the blueberry lavender mojito. This not only looked lovely wh…

Memsaab - North Indian

I had heard really good things about this place and went there on being invited to try it out.  The interiors are nice and they also have outside seating. 

We started with some drinks - the mint cooler, fresh lime soda, and watermelon juice. They were really refreshing. 

The samosa chaat and papdi chaat weren't great. I did expect better. 

For the starters, the paneer tikka was nice. It had a nice flavour to it. 
The seekh kebabs looked amazing but tasted average. They could have had some more flavour. 
For the mains, the bhindi masala that we had was really good. It had a homely taste to it. 
The butter chicken was also quite good. It had a nice creamy texture. 
Dal makhani was something that I liked here They had prepared it well. 
For our desserts, we had the gulab jamun. These were served hot and definitely tasted good. 
The food overall was just about acceptable.

Khau Galli

This is a small vegetarian place in JLT that invited me to try out the lovely street food that they serve. 
Look at the designer glasses. 
We started with their chole bhature bites. The word "bites" made us think that this might be a small portion size, but it the quantity was ample. The bhature although were more of the size of puris. The taste of the chole was really nice, and we enjoyed it with the mini bhature.
Chaat is one of our favourite street foods, and we were confused as to which one to order, so they suggested their chaat platter. It comes with pani puri, sev puri, dahi puri, vada pav, and a small tokri chaat. The pani puri was pretty good, but the rest of it was average. I was expecting better.
Pav bhaji fondue has become a common offering lately, but to find it in this small eatery was a pleasant surprise. The pav is basically broken into small pieces. Here it was also sprinkled with spices which added onto the taste. We dipped it in the pipping hot bhaji and ate. …

Kebab Korner

This restaurant has some nice kebabs as well as live music with dance.  I was invited here to try out the food. 

We started with the palak soup and it was creamy and really delicious. 
They have some nice kebabs and we started with the murg hazarvi kebab. The texture was nice but the garlic was over-powering. 
The hariyali tikki was prepared well and I liked the flavours that it had to it. 
We then had one of their paneer starters made with a green marination and coated with a lot of cheese. This tasted really good. I don't remember the exact name though. 
The lamb seekh kebab looked interesting, but could have had a bit more flavor to it. 
For the mains, we started with the murg lababdaar which was tangy as well as rich and flavourful. 
Then we had the paneer chatpata which was another tomato based gravy which had a creamy consistency. The paneer was soft.
For the mutton, we had the laal maas which is a Rajasthani dish. This tasted just average. 
We ended our mains with some dal and jeera …