China Bistro

This is a newly opened Asian restaurant that has lovely food and some nice offers too that I was invited to try out. The most attractive offer is their "Express Lunch" for just AED 25. This includes one drink (mojito), one appetiser, one soup, one main course, one rice/noodle, and one dessert. I've been to a few places where the prices were attractive, but the taste was okay. Here, the taste is great too!

There were quite a few of us so we tried various items.

They have some really nice soups, and my favourite one was the eight treasure soup. I had the chicken one and it had a nice flavour to it. The  was also really good and I would recommend that. 

An interesting appetiser which is becoming a trend is the lotus stem. The crispy Thai lotus stem is something you have to try out here. It is prepared in a sweetish sauce and tastes amazing. 
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Status Kitchen

This place has some really delicious stuff to offer. Before I get to that, let me tell you that it is really small, and has negligible seating. It is mostly suited for takeaways or ordering in and is located in one of the by-lanes in Mirdiff behind Lifco supermarket. There are a few parking spots right outside the restaurant too.

We started with the macaroni balls. You can make out from the picture below as to how good they might be. These are really cheesy and I enjoyed every bite of it. 
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They have fries too, and we had the status special fries which come in a huge portion size and can be shared by 2-3 people. They're loaded with cheese, jalapenos, and more; these tasted really delicious. 

I'm usually not a big fan of the kunafa shrimp but I liked the one I had here. Crispy from the outside and soft & meaty from the inside. 

For the drinks, we had a pina-colada. This …

Wow - Maggi and Pav

The name Wow Maggi and Pav itself is really catchy and when I saw their menu, I was really eager to try out their food. They delivered some at my house for a review. 

It was delivered on time and everything was packed really well. 

The first item was the pizza vada pav burger. This is a vada pav with the pizza sauce, and some vegetables in it. It looks a bit like a burger. It really had the taste of the pizza in a burger! I totally recommend it for all pizza fans. 
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I'm a fan of momos, and when I saw they have a maggi cheese momo, I had to try this out. It has a generous amount of cheese in it which is the best part, and I got a good flavour of the maggi as well. The covering of the momo itself was also right. 

They've got maggi biryani as well which sounded really interesting. These are maggi noodles that are biryani flavoured. Being a fan of maggi, I'm always up for …

O Punjabi

This restaurant has recently started a few months ago. 
We were looking for a restaurant that was open post midnight on a weekend and this was there, so we decided to check it out.  The main seating section is upstairs and it was fairly crowded for that time of the night.  The service was quick though. 

We ordered a bhindi which was really good, and didn't have much of oil which was the good part. 
We also had the paneer butter masala which had a nice consistency to it and was flavourful. 
Along with it we had rice and roomali roti. The roti was a made from wheat and seemed more like a regular roti, but bigger in size.
Overall food and service were good. 

Lahori Chatkara

This is a Pakistani restaurant that's located in Karama, and they offered to send me some food for a review. The food was packed nicely, though wasn't delivered at the specified time.

I started with the chicken kadhai which is one of their specialities. Before I could even open the container, I could get the lovely aroma. The chicken was prepared well and the gravy was delicious. It was oily though.
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I had this with the garlic naan which also had a lovely aroma and I just couldn't wait to have it. It tasted really yum, especially with the chicken kadhai.

The dal had a good consistency to it and tasted good. I think I was expecting a bit much after having the chicken kadhai.

For dessert, I had the gulab jamuns which were still hot. These could have been a bit softer, though were pretty good taste-wise.

Maharajah - Khalifa city

This restaurant is located in Kahlifa city, and was a bit hard to find since I couldn't see any board outside. I had to ask around and get in the right building. I was trying out their breakfast menu on this day and went there around 11am. It was a bit dimly lit; felt sort of dull for that time of the day. 

As we ordered our food, they got us some crispy sticks to munch on along with chutney. 

We started with idlis which were served with 2 delicious chutneys. There was a tomato based red one and a white coconut one, as well as samhbar on the side. The idlis were soft and had some ghee on them which made the taste even better.

Then we had a masala dosa. This looked appealing and tasted good as well. It was served with the chutneys and sambhar as the idli.  

I love egg dishes and I had to try their Indian shakshouka. It is very similar to the regular one but with some Indian spices. I like the eggs to be a bit runny but these weren't, and neither did they ask me my preference for th…

Delhi Gully

The name sounds so desi and I was excited to try out the food from this place when they offered to send me some home for a review. 

This fisrt thing I noticed is that it was nicely packed and there was no spillage.

The paneer butter masala was really good. It was a bit on the tangier side, but I enjoyed every bite of it. It could have been a bit thicker though.

The dal bukhara had a lovely aroma to it, and the consistency was good too. It tasted good with the rice. 

I had this with plain parathas which were made well, but were a tad bit thicker than expected. 
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I liked the fact that the food wasn't oily. It is a nice place to order food from.