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Fiesta @ 21 - Jules - Le Meridien

Jules has recently launched a very interesting offer called fiesta @ 21. In this, you can get 21 dishes and unlimited soft drinks for just AED 121. You can order one dish at a time as per your liking. It works out to approximately AED 6 per dish, which is dirt cheap. Of-course, you may not be able to practically have all the dishes based on your appetite. 
The offer is valid until end of October 2018. Weekdays 12 noon to 12 midnight, Weekends 12 noon to 8pm. 

The individual menu items will still be available later. I was invited to try out these dishes. We could barely just taste all the dishes. 

As we waited for the food, they got us some tortilla chips to munch on since this is a Mexican restaurant. Though my friend found these to be just okay, I'm a fan of simple food, and I liked having just these chips with the salsa.

We started with the buffalo wings which were quite good. They had the zesty and spicy sauce on it which I liked and it tasted great with the accompanying sauce. 


Sushi Sushi - Century Village

There are a lot of sushi places around town but this one has been around for over 17 years! Yes, really long time. I was invited to try out the sushi from one of the oldest sushi places in town. The ambience of Sushi Sushi has a red theme to it giving a very Asian feel; though the interiors do look old now (duh) and are a tad bit dimly lit.

It is located in Century Village which itself is a charm of its own. There are half a dozen restaurants here and you can see trees planted in between them which gives a very pleasant feel. Most of the restaurants have an outdoor smoking zone where they serve shisha, including this one. The place also serves alcohol if you like a drink or two ...or five.

They also have the conveyor belt sushi if that's what you prefer. You can also see the chefs making some of the dishes in front of you.

They got us a sushi platter so we could taste some of their star dishes.

I first tried the crunchy prawn and I really liked the crunch that it had to it. It is topp…

Highway 311 - Peruvian cuisine

This is a Latin American restaurant with special focus on Peruvian cuisine located in JLT. They invited me to try out their food.
I've had Peruvian food just a couple of times earlier and had mixed feelings. I really liked some dishes but didn't quite enjoy some.

On this particular day, we were the only ones here. The ambience is yellow-ish and gave a bit of a dull feeling.

We called for some guacamole as we decided on the food. The guacamole was certainly very nice along with the tortilla chips.

There were a lot of interesting dishes, and since we didn't have much experience with Peruvian cuisine we stuck to their recommendations, so as to end up trying their best dishes.

We started with a half-combo of the pollo a la barsa. It consists of half grilled chicken. It is served along with two dips - a green spicy dip, and a yellow mild dip. Since I love spicy, the green one really appealed to me. It had green chillies in it and it might be a bit too much for most people.…

Nirala - Pakistani food

This is a desi place which serves some good Pakistani meats. I was invited to try their food and initially I was a bit apprehensive, but after going there, I was bowled over by the food. 
You can also par in the parking of the hotel that this restaurant is located in. 

As we waited for the food to get ready, we had some pani puri. This isn't really their forte, and perhaps you can skip this one. 

The papdi chaat too was about average, but not bad. 

We started with some delicious nihari. It was soft and flavourful. 

There was chana too which was good, and to my surprise there was also a mutton variant, i.e. mutton with chana which I quite liked. 

If you're looking for something on the spicier side, there is the tawa chicken. It was reddish and on the spicier side. The chicken was cooked pretty well, and I definitely enjoyed this. 

Their naan was made to perfection. It was not too thick or too hard, but it was just right and felt well toasted. 

For the kebabs, I think seekh kebab would …