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Operation Successful

The first time I heard the name - Operation Falafel - I was a bit skeptical as to why would someone name it that way, but my relatives had suggested that this is a good place and we should go there. We did. And have been going there very often since. 

Their concept is based around local street food, which we also understand from their tagline - "Because Street Food is for Everyone".
The first time when I dined here, they had just two outlets. As of writing this blog they have four. You can check out their website for the updated list of locations. They've been expanding like crazy, and why not. The food is really delicious and the staff is courteous. 
They had just opened their Downtown outlet a couple of months ago, and being a fan of this place, my family and I decided to check it out.
As soon as you step inside, you know you are in the right place. The interiors carry the same theme - Cream-ish brown with yellow lights everywhere. They have a caricature of Dubai downtown …

The Monks know their food

"The Monk", to me gives a more authentic feel than something like "Chinese room", "China House" etc. 

From the time you step into this place, you feel welcomed. For that price point, this place definitely feel classy. The staff is courteous and greet you well.

My friend and I went there for a supper. It was around 7:30pm and we were the only ones at that time, so it was really calm. They have wall hangings in the restaurant with things written in Chinese and the theme that they have used overall gave a feel as if I've come to some place in China.

They do not have too much variety in their menu. Now this, usually I would have felt is a drawback, but here, somehow I didn't. If you've carefully looked at a menu in a Chinese restaurant, a lot of the food items are similar and you end up ordering just a few specific ones when you have Chinese. So, instead of keeping more amount of similar items, they have kept just a few, but different ones. 

To start …

25 degrees North

The 25th Parallel to the North of the equator passes through the North of India, which also is the place from where the cuisine that these guys serve, originates. 

Having read some positive review about this place and seen their mouth-watering menu, I put this one in my Zomato bookmarks. 
This place was a little smaller than what I had expected, but nowhere did I feel that there isn't enough space.  This restaurant is located in the Bay Square Mall in Business Bay, where you can park for free in the parking building. The layout of this mall is such that the water outside this restaurant gives a very soothing effect. So even before you enter this place, you are already in a good mood. 
The staff here is very courteous and their hospitality is noticed right from the time you enter.  The ambiance is really nice, and they've made a small place look really beautiful. 

Before we ordered anything, they gave us a small piece of dahi bhalla as a complimentary starter. That was a nice touch. …