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Crumby Breakfast & Pizza

This is a small Italian restaurant that really know their food and are passionate. It is managed by a couple that hail from Turin, Italy, who invited us to try out their food. 

We started with the green apple juice. Usually I skip items that aren't a restaurant speciality, but this one was made using a cold press juicer and so I think it deserves a mention. Of-course the juice tasted superb; refreshing, and just about sour enough. 

One of their snacks / starters is the Panzerotto. It is a fried calzone and comes in various fillings. They recommended us the classic one which is just tomato and mozarella. This was really cheesy, and I found it to be delicious. We also had the pollo (chicken), which was good too, but does not come anywhere close to the classic. 

A pasta which caught my attention was the trotellini ham & cream. I hadn't had the tortellini before, and wanted to check it out. This one was irresistible. Of-course it was the cheese and the ham (very flavourful) which…

Carac Lite

I'm a fan of karak tea and can have it any time of the day. When I got an invite from a place that had Karak (carac) in the name, I was eagerly looking forward to see what they've got to offer. 

Along with tea, we desis like to munch on some light bites, and that's what they've got too. 
I liked the fact that they do not have a wide menu, and have just stuck to the basics; and I must say, they've got those on point. 

I started with a cup of zafran karak. I could not only see, but also taste the zafran (saffron) in it. To describe this in one word, I'd say it was comforting. 

For the snacks, we started with the Mexican paratha which sounded really interesting. It was really cheesy, and tasted somewhat like a pizza. Whatever you call it, this surely tasted delicious, and I definitely recommend it. It was served with raita and chole. The chole too were surprisingly really yummy.

Then we tried their samosas. They were served with two chutneys (dips) - a mint one, and a …

Choco Monarch

You need no guessing that this place is all about chocolate. I was invited here recently to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

We ordered some shakes to start with. There was the monster milkshake (pictured below) which was pretty good, but me personally being a fan of Oreo, I liked the Oreo milkshake more. 

Another sweet milkshake is the caramel frappe which is quite sweet as you must have guessed. 

For fans of pain perdu (french toast), they've got a big one with ice-cream. The over-powering cinnamon it in can be a deal maker or a deal breaker. I'm not much of a cinnamon so I didn't quite devour it. 

Order a chocolate pancake and it comes loaded with chocolate. The pancakes are soft and it is a treat for chocolate lovers. If you like some fruits alongside, then go for the choco monarch pancake
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Parlour Botique - French Cafe

The name of this place was a bit weird and I was confused what to expect when they invited me to try it out. 

When I went there, I was pleasantly surprised to see the lovely ambience. It was a tad bit girly but not something that would put off guys; it definitely felt classy though. 

They have a lot of delicious dishes and especially when we saw the photos and the videos on the menu that's on a tablet, it looked really appealing. 

We started with the healthy ones - an Acai bowl to start with. This had ample amount of fruits and granola in it. The fruits really tasted fresh and the berries complemented the flavours well. 

For the avo lovers, the avocado toast is definitely worth a try. You can add your choice of egg to it. I added a poached egg - done medium. I small cut to it, and the yolk slightly oozed out. The avocado paste on the lightly toasted bread tasted great, and the watermelon salsa was refreshing and mildly sweet. 

Being a fan of eggs, we tried out the parlour souffle three…

Dillicious - the food capital

As you must have guessed, this is a desi place, and I was really looking forwards to dine here when they invited me for their dillicous food. 

As soon as you enter, you will notice the truck kept there, to give a real desi feel. The truck has the typical truck quotes on it too!

Their kitchen has a glass wall so you can see what they've making from there. 

As we decided on what to relish, they got us some papdi chaat and papads to munch on. 

They recommended the all time favourite chaat item - the pani puri. It was served in an innovative way that left us smiling when it was served. The taste though was just okay. Also, it was really inconvenient to take all the items from that "ferris wheel". 

For the beverages, I had the cucumber lemon greentini. It was really refreshing, and it tasted like a regular mocktail with a hint of cucumber. It didn't taste like those healthy ones which you don't feel like having at times. 

The strawberry mojito was also very good and berryli…