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This is a small, but catchy and trendy restaurant with a lovely decor located on Jumeirah road. They don't hav a big menu, but the food items are really good. 

We saw the smokey jar fries on the menu, and after seeing some photos online, we couldn't help but order it. The fries are served in a beaker, with a LOT of cheese. They're loaded with smoky beef, colby jack, cheddar, and montery cheese along with caramel spicy sauce. There were also some crisps on the top. The fries tasted delicious of-course, but after a few bites it feels like a lot of cheese. If you're sharing then this would be ideal though. 
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Another one of the catchy dihes was the Smokey Trouble burger. Inside the squid ink bun, is a beef patty along with caramelized onion, pickles, mayo and more. This one is presented with smoke, and is covered with a lid which is removed whe served. The taste was pretty good, but could have …

Le Pain Quotidien

This is a great great place for breakfast and I chose it especially due to its proximity to the financial Centre metro station.  The ambience is really nice with ample use of wood throughout the establishment.

 I ordered a plate of shakshouka and I really liked the half-fried eggs in it. Though I would have liked it to have some more tomatoes, peppers, and onion. The taste was good nonetheless. 

We also ordered an eggs Benedict with salmon and spinach. The poached eggs were presented so well that we didn't feel like digging into it at all. These tasted delicious and the salmon and spinach complemented the flavor well. 
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Wanting to try the hot chocolate here, we ordered one for each of us. We really like the coffee art on it. It wasn't as think as expected though. I've had better at other places. 

Later, I also ordered a quinoa salad. This had a lot of baby spinach in it. Overall it tasted fresh, …

Wagamama JBR

I've visited other outlets of Wagamama, and I really liked the food. At this outlet, they were having their street food festival where they were promoting certain items, and they invited me and a few others to try it out. 

This outlet might be a little hard to locate as it is inside the Al Fattan tower right beside Movenpick. 

They were promoting the bao which is a very famous Japanese street-food. I had the salmon & pickled cucumber hirata bun (bao), and I quite liked it. It was different from the usual ones I've had. 
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They also have the other ones like the barbeque beef & red onion, and crispy chicken & tomato. These are good too. 

I also had a portion of their Ebi katsu. These are butterfly prawns fried in panko breadcrumbs. These were crispy and I especially liked them with the spicy dip that they are served with. 

As for drinks, I had the blueberry spice. It's got blueberry, appl…

Milas - Fusion Emirati cuisine

This is one the the most classy and upmarket Emirati restaurant that I've come across in recent times. It is located in the Denim district in Dubai Mall, and they invited me to try out their food. 

As soon as you enter, you'll see the lovely decor - the chandeliers, the mirrors - it's glittery, though not tacky. They also have a customized stand for cutlery, as well as one for the menu which is on an iPad. 

They got us the complimentary bread and the chickpeas while we decided what to order from their vast and tempting menu. 

We started with the kashk badmejan. This is a paste of eggplant and chick peas mixed with saffron, onion, and kish. It is topped with crispy fried onion. I took one bite of this and totally loved it, but my friend didn't like it at all. I think you need to have a taste developed for this one, and then only you'll like it.

The next item was the Pizza Mbahar Deyay. It wasn't exactly a pizza, but something like a calzone. It had the filling of ch…

Seafood night at Mercure Barsha

This is a restaurant located in the Mercure Dubai hotel in Barsha and has a sea-food night every Friday. The buffet is around AED 175 (which also includes a shisha), and I was invited here to try it out.

This place had a large selection of sea-food items; whether it was the different types of grill fish, sushis, prawns, lobster, and even more, it seemed unending. The chef himself goes to pick out the fresh sea-food at the fish market, and so obviously you get the best that there is to offer. 

The fish is grilled in front of you and they recommend you the sauces that it tastes best with. 

They've got a huge selection of sushis. I tried a few and really liked them. 

I saw oysters too, and this was the first time I had them, and it was quite good. They have some sauces / toppings which you can put, and then the flavour of the oyster would be mellowed down a bit. 

On one side, there were freshly fried tempura prawns. They have this and wood-oven pizzas alternating every week. 

Another dish …

The Media Lounge

If you're looking for a relaxed place to go to, that has shisha, this is a good choice. It's got separate smoking and non-smoking areas. 

We started with a pomegranate juice and a lemon mint juice. They were served in jars and were refreshing. The quantity was also very good. 

We then called for a fattoush. It was a really simple one that looked like it's made at home. The taste was good, but I was expecting it to look more appealing. 

We then ordered a portion of dynamite prawns which is my all-time favorite. This was more like tempura prawn served with dynamite sauce. They were fried well and the sauce made them spicy and delicious. 
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For mains we had a chicken escalope. The chicken was too hard and we had to pull it apart. This tasted just about okay. 

The other dish was the halloumi wrap. This one also contained some vegetables in it and was lip-smacking. It tasted really flavorful and I would…