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Wok's Den

This is a newly opened restaurant that is a Wok speciality and has other Asian dishes too. Though by itself, I wouldn't say that is it very big, but it is bigger than a lot of other wok restaurants. They have about 8 to 10 tables here and also bar styled chairs in the middle. 

We started with some bubble teas. First was the passion fruit one. This was okay. It tasted a bit like pineapple strangely. 
The other one was chocolate, which was good. 

We then had the tom yum soup. The taste was quite good, but had a bit more of lemongrass than I like. The pieces of chicken were also a bit bigger, and in a soup they get kind chewy. 

The dynamite shrimp was one thing that I really liked. Perhaps it has become really cliched lately, but this was really good. It was a bit crispy too. 

My friend likes healthy stuff, and we called for the sum tum prawn salad. She totally loved it. I liked the overall flavour and the fact that it was with prawns. 

For a little something light to munch on, we called f…

Diwan al Hana

This is a Syrian restaurant located near the Financial centre metro and they invited me to try out their food. It is easy to spot as it is on the main road itself.

They have a lot of yellow lights, and the colour was a bit overwhelming for me.
Also, the tables are in close proximity to each other. Not extremely close, but closer than usual, and I wasn't a big fan.

We started with the diwan tabbouleh. It was fresh and I'm usually a big fan, but this one had pomegranate in it which I really did not enjoy having. May be that's how they make it.

The fattoush was fresh and tasted good. It had more of the cripy fried bread in it than what I've usually had.

The hummus diwan was also quite good, and this one had some pistachios. I personally thought it was okay compared to most. I may not always enjoy the pistachios in my hummus.

The yalanji (wine leaves) were really nice. I liked the stuffing in it.

The muhammara was one dish that I really did not like. It was a bit sweetish and had…

La Vigna - a cozy old Italian restaurant

When you see this place from the outside, you don't get much of an idea about what the interiors would be like. From inside it looks like a typical old Italian styled restaurant. It was perhaps the Italian restaurant with the best ambience (in that price range) that I've been invited to. They have seating upstairs too, and overall there is a lot of use of wood. It isn't all that bright inside even during the day and the place felt really cozy; perhaps also because it was a weekday afternoon and it was really calm and quiet. I could just go on about the ambience of this place. I could have sat there all afternoon. 

They got us a basket of bread as we ordered for our food. The garlic bread was thin and delicious. The focaccia was soft and hot. That itself gave me a fair idea of what I can expect from this place. 

We started with the zuppa de pollo e Funghi which is a mushroom soup with chicken. They blend the mushroom in the soup so you get a very consistent flavour of the mus…

Neos at Address Downtown

Neos is located on the 63rd floor of the hotel and when they invited me here, I was really thrilled primarily for the views from here.

The moment the doors of the elevator open and you step in, you get the feeling that you've come to a classy place. It all looks opulent, but they have not overdone it which is a really good thing. 

There is seating on almost a 360 degree periphery on the restaurant. From one side you can see the Burj Khalifa area and the other side is the boulevard street view (which isn't  anything raveworthy.  

This review is primarily about the views. 
Well, I did have a mocktail - the Jumping Goat - a very catchy name. It has got cold brew, cocoa tea, honey, and strawberry. Being a fan of cold brew, I really liked it. The coffee wasn't bitter or overpowering and the overall flavour was really nice. 

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Britannia Brunch at Address Downtown

The Britannia Brunch takes place every Friday at The Restaurant in Address Downtown and I was delighted to be invited here.

This was perhaps one of the widest brunch spreads that I've come across.
Even before I could enter The Restaurant, it was the design and architecture at the entrance of the hotel that looked lively and welcoming.
The restaurant gives a really classy feel from the moment you step in.
There is outside seating too, and if the weather is pleasant I'd urge you to sit there as the view is just fantastic.

For the brunch, the appetisers are buffet style while the main course is served on the table.
There is a selection of breads, cheese, salads (including a live salad station where you can customize your salad) and more. They have a good selection of sea-food too, and this one had some oysters as well.

They also have various sushis, and prawns which I found to be really delicious.

You've got some kebabs, hot dogs, and burgers too. The burger initially looked like it …