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Zen - Streetery Foodhall - Asian Street Food

Zen is a restaurant that is a part of the Streetery Foodhall in JLT, and is among the three restaurants here that I was invited to. 

I'm a fan of Malaysian cuisine and we started with the Mee Goreng which is a dish consisting of stir fried noodles that are done Malaysian style. They were a tad bit oily, but tasted really delicious. The Malaysian spices gave it an authentic flavour. 
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The next dish was the schezwan chicken wonton. Delicious chicken dumplings that were really flavourful, and a bit on the spicier side. 

Then we had the Thai green curry with rice. This tasted really comforting and had a lovely aroma to it just the way you would find it when you have street food. We had it along with steamed rice. 

For dessert we had the mango stick

Fat Aunts - Streetery Foodhall - Asian Street Food

They've recently started the Streetery Foodhall in cluster D, and it has got a few restaurants, of which Fat Aunts is one and I was invited to try out some of the food there. 
This is an Asian restaurant with some nice food offerings. 

We started with the Scallion pancakes. They tasted better than they looked. They were flavourful, and despite having them after a while, they hadn't become hard. 

If you like prawns, then you must definitely try the crispy prawn balls. They were just bit crispy, but take a bite, and you'll feel a burst of flavours in your mouth. They were just a bit spicy.  

We then had some chicken potstickers (dumplings). They were dipped in a sauce which really added on to the flavour, and was a tad spicy too. Due to the sauce, it didn't feel dry at all, and the sesame seeds made it taste delicious. 

The schezwan fried chicken looked really tempting. It was crispier than usual but I liked the taste to it. The chilli that they used was the typical Asian one…

Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo

This restaurant is  by celebrity chef Alfredo Russo and I was thrilled to be invited by a friend for a 4 course meal. The restaurant is located beside the creek and has a romantic feel to it. They have outdoor seating too which was pleasant during the good weather. 

The other day, there was not one but four Michelin starred chefs who prepared the meals for us - Alfredo Russo, Silvia Baracchi, Enrico Gerli, Gaetano Simonato - and we also got to meet them later. 

They got us some bread to start with as we waited for the food. 

For the first course, we had Taleggio foam with truffle. It was a foamy truffle mushroom soup. It had the right consistency to it. The Taleggio cheese gave it a subtle thickness and the cheesy flavour to it. At the bottom of the mug, there was some mashed potato which was quite a pleasant surprise and I totally loved this dish overall. 
This was prepared by chef Alfredo Russo. 

Then we had the chicken liver praline with pistachios, red cabbage, and saffron pears. The c…

Raju Omlet - Business Bay

Raju Omlet is the first restaurant that comes to my mind when I think of eggs. I was really looking forward to dining here when I was invited for a tasting. 

They have seating inside as well as outside. The outside seating feels a bit like you're sitting in the way of passers-by. 

We started with the masala lemonade. It is an Indian twist to the lemonade by adding some spices and I've been a fan of this one. 

They have interesting names of dishes like eggs kejriwal. These are half-fried eggs over pav (bread), and topped with lots of cheese. I liked the cheesy goodness that it had to it. 

We had chatpata egg noodles too, which are similar to hakka noodles made with egg bhurji and topped with a half-fried egg. These tasted good, but were a bit oily.

For the gravies, we had the egg lazeez which was delicious. It was a rich gravy that it was prepared in, and I had it with paratha. 

Another gravy was the patiala chicken. This has chicken kebabs wrapped in an omlet and is made in an onion…

Sukh Sagar

Sukh Sagar is a known name for vegetarian cuisine and has been here for a long time. I was invited by a friend of mine to try out the food. 

For my beverage, I oredered a kesari thandai since I haven't seen too many places offer this. The taste was just okay. Perhaps the combination of kesar with thandai isn't something that suited my palate.

We ordered a mixed platter for our starters. It had a good assortment of items. I really liked the potato in this one. The broccoli was really nice too. The paneer was soft. For those who are a fan of pineapple, they have an interesting pineapple starter in there too. The veg seekh kebabs were not too bad. 

Another started which we really relished was the idli chilli. It is a combination of South Indian and Indian Chinese. The flavour was great and so was the softness of the idli. 

For our mains, we wanted a kofta, and they recommended the nargis kofta. It has a creamy tomato gravy and it was really flavourful. It was not too sweet and that&#…

Mix n' Match - Delivery review

This is a delivery only restaurant which has multiple outlets. They offered to send me some food for a review.
As the name suggests, you can mix n match different dishes from different places.

Here are the items that I ordered. All of them are vegetarian.

I ordered a Hummus by tawook nation. It looked really nice but was a tad bit dry.

The baked falafel wrap by right bite express tasted delicious. I liked the fact that the bread was really thin and I could get nice flavours. Although it had become a bit soggy.

The greenhouse pizza by NKD was delicious. Before I even opened the box, I could get the lovely aroma from this one. `

The garlic bread by NKD was nice and cheesy. It had a good flavour to it.

We totally loved the Lentil soup by ritebite express. It was a tad bit thicker than usual and had small pieces of carrots in it.

I also asked for a salad - the Athena by barsalata 2. This looked really colourful and the portion size was nice too. It was fresh and the combination of all of the ingr…