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Masala Wok

As you must have guessed from the name, this restaurant serves Indian as well as Indo-Chinese cuisine. I was invited to try out their food. 

The interiors are colourful and have a desi feel to it. We started with a nice welcome drink which was refreshing and had a berry flavour to it. 

We started with some really nice soups. I liked the talumein chicken soup which we had with some noodles on top, as well as the lemon coriander soup

The dragon chicken looked really good and tasted nice too. Though it was just a starter, it was a little saucy which I liked. 

Chinese bhel had a good taste to it, but nothing extra-ordinary. I felt they could have done more with it. 

The chicken wontons looked appealing and were really crunchy, and the filling was good too. 

I like prawns in general and I was looking forward to the tandoori prawns when they got us some. These tasted average, and were a bit dry for my liking. 

The chef's special kebab was perhaps the most interesting one. The way it is serve…

Urban Diner

This is a small place but has some really good food, as well as healthy options that I was invited to try out. 

Definitely our favourite item here was their falafels. Served hot, and crispy, and really flavourful, with some tahina and hummus on the side along with fries. We loved it so much that we asked for another portion of it. Definitely try it out.  

Another interesting dish was the spicy roast chicken. It is spicy, though not as spicy as the peri peri, and is served topped with sun-dried tomatoes and rice and fries on the side. If you want something a little spicy, this is a really good option. The chicken was soft too. 

We then had the veggie wrap. It looked delicious and was served with a salad on the side. I took a bite and I really liked it. The combination of everything inside really gave it a good flavour. 

I'm a fan of the shakshouka, and I had one of this. It was a bit more tangy than the ones I've usually had. Also, this has poached eggs as opposed to the sunny side…

Atisuto - Galleria Mall

We were looking for a place with some good sushi and ramen, and stumbled across this one. It is located in the Galleria mall, and getting parking was not very difficult, since the mall itself also has its own parking.

The restaurant has seating inside as well as outside. One thing which I noticed was that most of the seating does not have backrest, which personally puts me off a little bit.

They have a nice selection of dishes, some of which are fusion too, and we were spoilt for choice.

One dish which really caught my attention is the Japanese sandwiches. I ordered the grilled salmon sandwich. This is mostly just the shape of a sandwich; it has  blow-torched salmon on a bed of rice, and is topped with spicy mayo and teriyaki. The flavours were really nice, and it was definitely something innovative.
For the sides, you have a choice of salad or potato wedges.

Next we had the Kimchi Chicken Ramen - half. The portion for half was still quite a lot and sufficient for two. It was mildly spicy …

Tap House

The name is catchy and I was looking forward to trying it out when I was invited here. 

It was a Wednesday, and they've just started curry nights on every Wednesday. I was a bit surprised to see Indian curries here, but it was interesting. 
The set meal costs just AED 99 and includes one curry, Indian bread, potato sabji, rice, papad, curd, and pickles. You have the option of choosing chicken, mutton, or vegetarian. 

For the chicken option, there is butter chicken which tasted quite good initially, but after a few bites, felt a bit too tangy. The potato sabji (jeera aloo) was really good and had a homely flavour to it. The pickle and mint chutney was nice too. 

They also have quiz nights here, and it happened to be on that day too. There are about 10 rounds where you make teams of around 5 people. Each round has some interesting questions. There is also a round where you need to mould something with clay. The quiz was really fun overall. 

I liked the overall vibe of this place. It feel…

Modi - Georgian restaurant

This is an interesting name for a restaurant, and being an Indian, it especially caught my attention since it is also the name of our current Prime Minister. But Modi in georgian has a different meaning.

Currently, this is the only Georgian restaurant in Dubai, and I was invited here to try out their food. The interiors are really nice and I especially loved the art on the glass.

We tried the brunch there which includes soup, cold starters, Georgian pastry, mains, and sweet. We chose one alcoholic package (where we took wine) and one non-alcoholic (with strawberry mojito).

You have a choice of two soups to choose from. One is the supkharcho, and the one that we had was the chikhirtma. This has a base of chicken, flour, butter and eggs. It is served with shoti - the traditional Georgian bread. The soup was quite good, similar to a chicken broth, just a tad bit different.

For the cold starters, we had the kakhuri salad and the pkhaleulis tabla. The first one is mixed vegetables like cucumbe…