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Super Chix

The name is so catchy and definitely feels American. They serve some delicious food which I was invited to try out.

The interesting thing is that among the meats, they only serve chicken. They do have some vegetarian offerings too though.

When I read the words "last true chicken sandwich", I was intrigued and asked them about it. They said that the chicken is fresh and not frozen as opposed to what most places have to offer. Now this is fabulous.

Since it is self-service, you need to place the order at the counter, and they will give it at your table. As you wait for your food, they have a bag of popcorn that you can munch on. It is rosemary and black pepper flavoured. It is free and obviously small, since you do not want to fill your tummy with this.

We started with the grilled. It is a burger that has chicken fillet with garlic, aioli, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The chicken tasted really fantastic. The ingredients felt fresh too. I think it felt a tad bit bland though. Now t…

Biryani festival - Al Bustan

Biryani is definitely everyone's favourite, and Al Bustan Centre has a biryani festival going on currently that I was invited to try out.

They have different restaurants and they serve based on capacity and requirement for the day. We sat in the the food court  for the meal.

We started with some beverages. The masala chhas was really nice. It had a generous amount of masala in it, and it was the right consistency.

I tried the king fish biryani which is boneless. It had big chunks of fish which tasted really good. The masala in the biryani was also very good. It is a dum biryani that is served in an earthern pot with a roti covering it.
We had it along with the raita, and a chhunda-like pickle that was sweetish. It was my first time to try this pickle with biryani and it surprisingly tasted pretty good.

The other biryani that I tasted was the shrimp biryani. Being a fan of shrimps, I think I liked this one even more. The shrimps tasted good too with the masala coated on them. The biryan…

Kulfilicious - Al Majaz

I'm a fan of selective Indian desserts, and kulfi is one of them. Kulfilicious has recently opened their new outlet in Sharjah and they invited me to try it out.

The place, albeit small, has a colourful decor and you get the desi feel as soon as you enter. They have a couple of tables down, as well as a few upstairs. We sat upstairs and we were the only ones that day. I think the place might feel a bit cramped if there are more people. 

I saw some really interesting flavours, and wanted to have them all. Finally, with the help of our friendly server Saheb, we settled down on four. 

I think the flavour which I went crazy over was the black pepper. I was a bit surprised to see a kulfi in this flavour, and just had to try it out. It has crushed black pepper, and you might not feel it at the first instance, but wait for a couple of seconds, and you totally get the flavour. The black pepper lingers in your mouth for a while. If you like black pepper, you definitely have to try this one. 


Drinks and Spice Magic

The claim to fame for this restaurant is their "robot waitress". I was excited and looking forward to dine here when a friend of mine invited me here. 

The ambience is a bit gaudy, and this was during the day when there was an ample amount of natural light. It might look dull too at night. I think they tried to make it look classy, but couldn't quite get there. 

We sat on one of the tables where there is robot service. The "robot" is basically pretty much a mannequin that moves along a designated track. 

To begin with, we had tamatar dhaniye ka shorba. The taste was pretty good, and it was a bit thick; which isn't bad for a soup, but a shorba is a bit thinner.

For our starters, we chose the veg platter. This was really nice. It had the veg seekh kebab was soft and made really well. The paneer lehsuni tikka was flavourful and soft. We also really liked the hara bhara kebab. 

We got a portion of mutton chops too. These were semi-dry as opposed to totally dry that …

under 500 - marina

This is a healthy restaurant that serves delicious food. Having been to their other outlet, I was looking forward to dine here to when they invited me here.

This outlet is small and caters mostly to deliveries. There is seating for about 6-8 people.

I had liked their lentil soup so much last time, that I had to have it this time too. This did taste exactly the same, and perhaps is one of the best lentil soups in town.

We then ordered a spinach feta omelette. It was fluffy and the texture was very good. It felt a tad bit dry though. Also, the avocado and the spinach leaves in it felt sandwiched between two layers of the omelette and not exactly added while making it. This made it a bit hard to eat the omelette.

I saw the grilled salmon burger on the menu and since I've never had one, I just had to try it out. This one was delicious. It had mashed avocado and low-fat yoghurt it in instead of the regular sauces in a burger. It also had lettuce, radish, and cucumber. This burger is certai…

Once Upon a Bite - Indian street food at street prices

The name sounds like you're starting a story, and the table mats do have some funny stories on them. This restaurant has a concept of Indian street food, but the thing that this restaurant also has are the street prices! For me this is necessary which a lot of restaurants that call themselves "street food" lack. They've started in September 2018 and invited me to try out the food. 

We started with the masala cola which is an Indian version of the cola with some spices. It gives a nice zesty feel to it.  Here's a picture with the table mat that has its story on it. 

Then we moved on to parathas which tasted home-made, and we totally loved them. The chicken keema paratha was my favourite. The gobhi paratha was pretty good too. I liked the fact that the parathas were not too thick and had a generous amount of filling to them.

If you're a fan of desi Chinese (well, who isn't?) then they've got some combos too. We had the hunan chicken with the hakka noodles.…