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Premium Biryani...delivered at your doostep

A restaurant with such a specific focus - Biryanis! At your doorstep.

Biryani is an all time favorite, and I'm sure you'll agree to that. This place called the Premium Biryani has recently started, and they offered to send me biryanis for tasting. 

The biryani was delivered at the committed time, and the first thing that I was happy to see was that it was well packed. There was no spillage or leakage at all.

It is served along with a onion raita and a saalan (gravy).

The rice tasted alright and the quantity was generous. The chicken tasted pretty good. It was cooked very well. I would have liked it to be a little spicy though. 
Same is the case with the mutton. Well cooked, but more spice would do.
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Another little improvement that I don't mind seeing is that the pieces can be a bit smaller. Both the biryanis had two huge pieces of meat. The quantity of meat was good, but the size of the pieces bein…

Ayam Elezz

Ayam Elezz is a Lebanese restaurant located in "The Mall" opposite the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. They have a buffet-style brunch for which they had invited me. 
They have a smoking and a non-smoking zone. In order to get the good view, you will have to sit in the smoking zone where you can also enjoy a shisha. 

They have quite a few starters. There could have been some more variety in the mains though.
For the drinks, they have lemondae, ice tea, and the laban ayran.

They also have live stations - a salad station, an egg station, and a saj station too. 
I had the saj with zaatar and cheese which was great, especially since it is served hot and fresh. 

This place is high on cheese. Starting from the Shanklish which is a Levantine cheese often mixed with herbs and had with finely chopped vegetables. This was really good. I have seen it at a lot of Middle Eastern restaurants, but not too often in a buffet. 

Then there is the braided cheese which was really appealing to look at, and also t…

Azerbaijan : Places to Visit

This is a very beautiful country in the Caucasus, and I visited during the beginning of October when the weather was fantastic. It was pleasant during the day, and cold during the night; though not freezing. 

I did not go via any tour, instead I found that booking everything myself was cheaper. I think residents of the UAE have a visa on arrival, but I chose to apply for it online on the Azerbaijan official eVisa Portal beforehand just to be on the safe side, and that cost me just USD 20, and I got it within two days. 
Tip: You'll get a better rate if you want to buy AZN in Azerbaijan as compared to UAE. I got 42 AZN for 100 AED in Azerbaijan at the Baku Airport (on 8th October 2017).

Fountain square is conveniently located in what I could call the heart of the city, and staying in that area was a good choice. A lot of good attractions are within a mile from here. 

After I checked in to my hotel, I bought a sim card located from the Azercell store located at fountain square (as I didn…