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Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

When Gordon Ramsay dictates how the food is made, you can be sure it is great!

This was my first time visiting a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, thanks to a close friends of mine who is foodie, a chef and a big fan of Ramsay. 

It is located in Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah which is all the more reason for you wanting to go there.

As soon as we went there, the hostess greeted us and explained us about the menu. That day they had a buffet which includes a selection of cold and hot starters, drinks, and a choice of main course. 

This restaurant is inspired by British pub culture but still maintains the look and feel of a fine dine. 

Among the cold starters they had quite a few sea-food items which consisted of salmon, tuna, lobster, et al. 
It all looked really tempting and we just couldn't to decide where to start from. 

There were the tuna devilled eggs which I found interesting. It is tuna filled inside boiled eggs. Here's how it looks:

These were really delicious, and had a generous amount of tu…