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Indian Kitchen - JLT

This restaurant serves Indian as well as Indo-Chinese cuisine that that we were invited to try out. 

The ambience is just about average and perhaps that is one thing which put me off. They could do so much better. 

We started with some beverages. I liked the jal jeera which had soda in it. The mango lassi was good too. Not overly sweet or thick.

For starters we had a non veg platter. I really liked the fish tikka in it. It was soft and flavourful. The mutton seekh was also really good. It could have been a bit softer but nothing to complain about. The chicken tikka was not bad either. 

In the vegetarian platter, the hara bhara kebab was good, and so was the cauliflower. However, I did not like the mushroom; this had a weird taste to it. 

The chicken lollipop was crispy and the chicken tasted good too, especially along with the sauce that was served. 

The chili chicken not only looked tempting but also tasted good. It was really spicy and I personally loved it, although it may be a bit too s…

Everest - Nepali cuisine

In the mood to have some Asian food, we came across this restaurant and decided to order in. 

We definitely had to try out their momos. The buff kothey momos were something that we totally loved. The texture as well as the filling was really nice. 

We also ordered the chicken chili momos. These were really spicy and I liked the taste. Although, they had become a bit dry by the time they were delivered, so we didn't enjoy them that much. 

I haven't exactly had proper Nepali cuisine earlier, but I've had thukpa soup, and it was much different from what ordered from here. The soup which these guys served was dark brownish in colour and gave a feeling of one of those Indo-Chinese soups. The flavour was good enough though. 

We also had the newari khaja which was something totally new to us. We just liked the name and ordered it. It has a lot of different dishes in it which you need to mix and eat. Though we weren't exactly sure with what should we mix what, we really liked the …

Nar - motor city

In search of a nice restaurant for Iftar we decided on this one. 

It was AED 70 for a set menu which seemed reasonable. 

The restaurant has seating downstairs as well as upstairs (which is an indoor smoking area).

They had a choice of laban or jallab among the drinks. We tried both of these and they were good. 

Then they got us some lentil soup which was served in a nice bowl. This too tasted quite good. 

On the side was the fattoush. It was crunchy but didn't feel really fresh. 

I liked the hummus which had a nice consistency to it. 

There was sojuk too which are Arabic sausages. They were spicy and tangy which I liked. 

We could then choose one main dish for the main course. I had the shish tawook. Usually I like this dish but this one was a bit dry and tasted average. 

For AED 70 I think the above items were a bit less. There are other restaurants that have more number of items for iftaar. 

There was dessert too but I had to leave early so I didn't try it out. 

The service overall was…

Bikanervala - the Pointe

This is one of my favourite places for vegetarian Indian street food, and we were checking out this outlet of theirs since we were in the area. 

This outlet definitely looks better and more posh than the others outlets, and they also have table service at this one. 

We started with some pani puri. Obviously since it is at the table, they give you all the ingredients and you have to prepare it yourself. We were famished, so didn't even stop until we took pictures. They give you the potatoes, moong, tamarind chutney, and the pani (spiced water). The taste is really good.

Their kulchas are nice too, and we ordered the potato onion kulcha. It is served with raita. It was served hot and I liked the flavours that it had to it. It could have had a bit more filling inside it, but the good part is that they weren't too thick, but were crispy instead. 

The pav bhaji is an all time favourite, so we called for one. The bhaji was a bit sour; perhaps due to the lemon or tomatoes in it. The tast…

High Joint

From their name, I was wondering if it is burgers that they serve. Their food looked really appetizing online, and they invited me to try it out. Their food will certainly take you on a high. 

The place is really small. It is a bar style seating which accommodates 4-6 people. When we got there, the previous group of customers were just leaving and we got a place. 

John explained us about their concept. He was taking our order and was friendly. 

They have a limited menu but some really interesting options. Also, I think if you're going to a place to have some burgers and wings, a limited variety does help you to choose better. 

We started with their High Buffalo Wings. These are their juicy wings in the spicy buffalo sauce. I really liked these. 

Then we tried the High Bbq wings. I am not all that much a fan of bbq sauce and like it only selectively. These were delicious and I could barely stop eating them.

The best of all were the High Asian Wings. These juicy wings are first topped wit…

Din Tai Fung

I've been wanting to go to this place since I heard about the good food here. We were in downtown and decided to check out this restaurant. 

The view is amazing if you're sitting outside. It is right outside the fountain and feels great to sit there especially if the weather is pleasant. 

We saw some buns in the menu, and decided to go for the lamb bun after seeing a nice picture. It came in a big box and I was wondering how many are there, but we had just ordered a single piece so that was it. It was really good, and definitely worth trying out. 

Then we ordered the dan dan noodles as it looked like something new. These are thin noodles along with a sesame peanut-based gravy. This had the "spicy" symbol beside it, but we didn't find it spicy. It was just average. 

After that we had the szechuan chicken and vegetable wonton. We totally loved these. The sauce was flavourful, and the taste and texture of the wontons was on point. 

We were craving for something spicy, as…

Copper Kettle

This sounds like a fancy name and I was looking forward to see  what's the concept like when I was invited here. The place though isn't all that fancy, and felt a bit dead. 

We started with some refreshing drinks. We had the lemon mint, mango juice, lemonade, fresh lime water, lassi, and pakola. 

When we asked them what's the difference between lemonade and fresh lime water, they said that lemonade has more ice and the rest is same. I was dumbstruck. I still thought perhaps I didn't hear it right, so we ordered it, and it was exactly the same. 
The lemon mint was nice and so was the mango. 

For starters, we ordered their mixed grill platter. It had the fish tikka, bhari beef, tikka boti, malai boti, and chicken tikka leg. I liked the tikka leg as well as the tikka boti. The seekh kebabs and fisha tikka were not bad but could have been better.

For the mains, we ordered the mutton balti gosh. It was served in a bucket as the name suggests. Although the bucket was just half fr…