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Jones the grocer - Dubai Mall

Jones recently opened their new outlet in Dubai mall where they invited me to try out the food. This outlet is bigger than the other one and has a lot of natural light, as well as an outside seating with views of the Burj fountain and souk al bahar.

While we waited for our food, they got us some roasted caramelized spicy nuts to munch on. It was a nice combination of spicy with the caramel.

The first appetiser I had was the burrata. I must say that this was really creamy and flavourful. A very good burrata after a long time, and if you're a fan, this one won't disappoint you.
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Hitchki - contemporary fusion with a nostalgia

This is a restaurant which re-launched in Dubai recently. The interiors are classy, though dimly lit. They've tried to give the dishes a very nostalgic feel by naming them based on famous Bollywood movies / dialogues; at the same time, the dishes themselves are contemporary fusion.

This is a pure vegetarian review.

We started with the masala khichia papad. It is just like the masala papad but khichia (thicker and made from rice flour) is used instead of the regular papad. It's nice to munch on.

They have some interesting flavours for laban. I tried the chili wasabi laban. It was really spicy, and despite it being yoghurt, the wasabi does give you quite the kick. Since I love wasabi, I really liked it. Although, this is something I would like to have only once in a blue moon.

We wanted some momos, and couldn't resist after seeing the name "mere tandoori momo aayenge". These are charcoal smoked and were also served in the traditional momo container with a smokey charco…

Docker Cafe

Docker cafe is located near the cruise terminal which is about 2 miles from Marina cubes where most of the restaurants in Port Rashid are located. A friend of mine invited me to try out the restaurant.  

At the time of writing this post, Docker Cafe is the only restaurant in the cruise terminal area. Fun fact: It is one of QE2's life boats that they've used and build a bit on it to make this cafe. 

We started with some karak chai as we had a look at the menu and decided what to order. The chai was really nice, and had the right amount of spices in it. 

To start with, we had the dynamite prawns. These are served in a bit different way than usual. These are really saucy, and despite the small bun and the fries that they're served with this was a lot of sauce even then. No doubt that the dynamite sauce was deliciously spicy, and the prawns were crispy too. 

The recommended us the chicken kadai roll which was their personal favourite. They said it is spicy and since we love spicy,…

My gastronomical journey through Turkey

Turkish food does have some similarities to the food in UAE since it is in the Arab region, but there are a lot of different dishes, and also the same dishes which taste a bit different made the Turkish way. Hence, I decided to write a post dedicated to just the food there. I have written another post detailing our visit (excluding the food). It includes the hotel, sightseeing, visa process, currency information, and a lot more in detail. You can read it here.

Since we had taken guided tours on almost all the days, we had lunch included in our tour. These were local restaurants with good food, but not necessarily ones which would have specifically been on my list to try. Although, we did go to different places and explored local food ourselves. Read on to find out.


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