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Chicken. When? Now.

In the mood for a quick bite while roaming on SZR, we spotted this restaurant called 'Chickenow' and stepped in. 
The look and feel is very nice; they've wooden seating and overall a light-brown theme.
They have some nice customer-centric quotations.

They position themselves as "An American premium chicken eatery", and they have self-service. Now in my opinion, a restaurant that is premium, shouldn't have self-service, so initially I was let down, but once I tasted the chicken, it felt really premium, so may be that's what the premium there refers to. More on that later.

They've got an interesting menu that contains not just burgers, but wings, nachos, salads, wraps, rice and more. 

To start with, I ordered their Grandma Burger and made it a meal. The name sounded so interesting, that my friend ordered the Grandma wrap.
For the drinks, they give you the glass and you can put as much ice and beverage in it as you like. This was the first time I was dispensin…