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P. F. Chang's - La Mer

I have been to the other outlets, and was invited to this one recently where I got to meet the Mr. Philip Chiang, the founder himself. They've launched a few new items which we tried out and really liked.

One of their star items is the Dynamite Shrimp Grande. This is really delicious and you certainly have to try it. The flavour is a bit spicy but not too much, and it's not overly saucy or dry. Just perfect!
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Here, the chicken Caesar salad that I had was a bit different that the ones I've usually had. The chicken was roasted and served on the side. The salad itself was good, and so was the chicken, although it felt like the chicken was not a part of the salad.

We then had the Mangolian beef. It has a nice flavour to it owing to the sauce which wasn't over-powering but accentuated the taste of the beef.

Manoushe Street

I have been to other outlets of this restaurant as well and the food is really nice. 

This time we had a kafta lamb wrap. It has spicy lamb inside with tomatoes, pickles and more, and tasted really good and fresh. 

We then had the rajin cajun chicken. This was served hot and the chicken was flavourful. On the side was salsa which was yummy, and some sour cream.

For our drinks, we had a fresh yoghurt, well laban, but they call it yoghurt. 

And an interesting name that caught our attention was rose water. It was just like rose sherbat actually, and tasted good. 

We went quite late at night, and were sitting outside. The place was understaffed, and it took some time to call the waiters. 

Zefki - levantine cuisine

This is a levantine restaurant that has newly started in the trade centre area, and they invited me to try out their food.

The interior looks classy, and I liked the overall look and feel that the place has to it.

We started with some beverages. The Turkish sherbat on the menu caught my eye and I had to try it out. This was something unique. It has various spices in it like cinnamon, aniseed, and more. If you like to try something different, then you can try it out, otherwise perhaps the flavour of the spices might feel a bit too strong.

The other one was a more classic one - the passion fruit mojito. This wasn't too tangy, but was refreshing.

They got us the baba ghanouj to start with. The baba ghanoouj itself was served over an egg-plant. I really liked the taste of the baba ghanouj, but I'm not sure if a lot of people will like the egg-plant itself that it was served over.

One of their unique dishes is the hummus. You might wonder what's unique since it is the most common di…


I've been to their outlets but mostly had the dessert. This time we had the savoury stuff.

We started with some wings. We had a mix of the buffalo wings and the boneless ones in their spiciest sauce. These were saucy and juicy, and were served with blue cheese dip on the side.

The monster chicken sandwich was delicious too. It was huge and cheesy. It is more filling than it would look from the picture. We got it cut into two since we were sharing and it was loaded inside.

The creamy parmesan chicken was okay. It was a tad bit dry, and could have had some more flavour to it.

I like the ambience here, especially the woody feel and the yellow lights that the place has to it.

Masala Wok

As you must have guessed from the name, this restaurant serves Indian as well as Indo-Chinese cuisine. I was invited to try out their food. 

The interiors are colourful and have a desi feel to it. We started with a nice welcome drink which was refreshing and had a berry flavour to it. 

We started with some really nice soups. I liked the talumein chicken soup which we had with some noodles on top, as well as the lemon coriander soup

The dragon chicken looked really good and tasted nice too. Though it was just a starter, it was a little saucy which I liked. 

Chinese bhel had a good taste to it, but nothing extra-ordinary. I felt they could have done more with it. 

The chicken wontons looked appealing and were really crunchy, and the filling was good too. 

I like prawns in general and I was looking forward to the tandoori prawns when they got us some. These tasted average, and were a bit dry for my liking. 

The chef's special kebab was perhaps the most interesting one. The way it is serve…