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Oasis Pool Lounge - Movenpick Downtown

The Oasis pool lounge is located on the 4th floor of Movenpick, and they invited me to try out the set menu along with pool access. 
I must say that they've made the place beautiful with flowers around and seating arrangements that you'd enjoy on a relaxing pool day.

We started with the potato wedges which were really good; they were hot and freshly made. 

After that we had the margherita pizza. I'm usually a fan of thin crust; at times I like the thick one with stuffing too, but the crust of this one was somewhere in between the two and felt a bit weird. The taste of the pizza was good enough. 

For our second pizza, we asked for a pizza with vegetables, and they put a few assorted ones. We liked this one better than the previous one. 

The sliders had a juicy beef patty inside it and looked really appealing. They weren't bad but we did expect a bit better. 

There is also fried chicken in the menu, and it looked fantastic. The taste though was just run-of-the-mill.
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New Shanghai - Dubai mall

We were looking for an Asian restaurant in Dubai mall and stumbled across this. It looked really inviting, and on seeing the menu, it looked tempted too so we though of checking it out.

The interiors are nice, and the place is bigger than what it looks like form the outside.

We read about the Xiao Long Bao in one of their promotional leaflets and just had to try it out. There is a way to eat it that was written on the table mat, and that's what actually made us order it.

We chose the chicken Xiao Long Bao. We mixed some soy sauce in the bowl and had it with that. We were more curious to try out what was written there (above pic). The taste was pretty good.

Then we moved on to some soup, but since we were also hungry, we chose the Chicken Wonton soup. The wontons were flavourful, and the broth certainly felt comforting.

To drink, we had the Black Tea Kombo. It is a mocktail made from balck tea, ginger, strawberry, and kombucha that is garnished with ginger and mint. This felt refreshing…

Khofo - Egyptian cuisine

This is an Egyptian restaurant in Al Seef where I was invited to try out the food. I really liked the fact that the servers were wearing traditional Egyptian costume. They have seating on the creek level as well as upstairs where they serve shisha. Both levels have an indoor as well as an outdoor seating area. 

We started with the Pharonic (Egyptian) drinks
The first one was the sugarcane juice - a simple one but I really liked the taste of this, and I haven't seen it at too many places. 

The other one was the Karkadee which is a traditional Egyptian juice made from Roselle - a type of hibiscus. This has a sweet and a bit of a sour flavour to it which I really liked. 

We started with the Khofo special hummus - it is a platter with three types of hummus that have three different flavours. There is a green one which is an avocado flavour with shrimps, the traditional white one with meat, and a pink one which is sweet pepper flavour. All three of them were delicious. The consistency wa…


This is a newly started restaurant located near Burjuman. The name itself will tell you that it has a desi feel to it. It also has a upmarket feel though. The interiors are dimly lit and the place also has a live band performing. 
A friend invited me here to try out the food. 

We sat in the are beside the stage. It feels a bit secluded from the rest of it, and I'm not someone who likes crowd, so we sat here. It was pretty quiet then as the live band was yet to start playing. Also, it was a weekday. 

They have some interesting cocktails; not only the name but also the presentation and the taste. 
The first one was the paan ki shaan. This is a vodka based cocktail that has paan syrup, pineapple, sour mix, and is smoked with dried spices. It felt refreshing and totally felt like I was drinking paan (if that's possible). 

The next cocktail was called chai on a high. This is a vodka based cocktail too and has pear syrup, sour mix, pineapple juice and color changing blue tea. This looked…

Project Chaiwala

Project Chaiwala is such a catchy name, and especially if you're a tea-lover then you would be curious as to what's it about. I was invited to this restaurant to check out their offerings. 

They have a combo for AED 50 which includes 1 of the 'bites', 1 wrap, and a tea. We took two of these combos. 

For one of our wraps we chose a spicy chana wrap which was the vegetarian option. This really tasted good. There was a generous amount of chana in it and it was really filling. 

For the side, we chose the sweet potato masala fries. This was an interesting item. They were cut like potato wedges but were made from sweet potato, and had some light masala (spices) sprinkled on it. They did taste quite good, but were served in a paper cup which was a bit weird. 

For the tea, we took zaffrani chai (saffron tea). This was good enough. 

For the other combo we had the mutton kebab wrap. I really liked this. The kebabs were soft and delicious, and the filling inside was good too. There wa…