A Grand Affair with Food

From dim sums to paya and white chocolate mousse to shrikhand; this place had one of the widest variety, not just in terms of number of items, but also number of cuisines (at least for that price point).
I'm talking about the 'Grand Barbeque Buffet Restaurant'.

grand barbeque buffet restaurant dubai

I was invited here for the buffet during RamadanAs soon as I entered, I felt there was something grand about it. It is different than the other restaurants in that area or even at that price point. 

When I saw the selection of items in their buffet, I was pleasantly surprised. Starting from the soups and salad itself, right up to desserts. So many items that it is difficult to even taste everything on the menu. 

I had the pepper coriander vegetable soup to start with. It had a good flavor of coriander as well as pepper to it; at the same time it wasn't too spicy.
Among the selection of salads they had a pasta salad, Arabic salad, a barbeque chicken salad, apart from the usual ones like tabbouleh, hummus, pineapple salad, apple, coleslaw, lettuce leaves etc. The barbeque chicken salad was something which I really like. It had a bit of a smokey flavor to it; also, I had never had it earlier. 
Also, they had more than half a dozen salad dressings. One that particularly caught my attention was the honey pepper dressing. It wasn't too sweet, but I could taste the honey and the pepper both. 

coriander pepper soup

salad hummus tabbouleh pasta arabic coleslaw
large salad selection

honey pepper sauce salad dressing lettuce
honey pepper dressing on lettuce

barbeque chicken salad
the yummy barbecue chicken salad
Moving on, I saw dim sums among the starters. Now this is something unique for a place that has more of Indian food. 
They have a live pasta counter as well as a chaat counter. I like the way they served the pani puri at the counter. It is a small rectangular plate of 3 pieces of puri with the masala filled inside, and they give a small glass of the pani with it. I loved the pani, but the puris had become a bit soft as they were kept arranged in sets of threes for a long time.

I love pasta and just couldn't resist it when I saw it there. I ordered for a pasta in white sauce, some chicken and a few veggies. It was served to my table and it was really delicious. The sauce was just prefect and the amount of vegetable and chicken was just right as well. 

pani puri shots
D-I-Y Pani-Puri

white sauce pasta
pasta in white sauce

Now coming to their specialty which is the starters. They were kind enough to get them at the table. Many of them were really nice, while some could have been better.
I particularly liked the fish. They had two types - the hot garlic fish and the ajwaini fish tikka. I totally loved both of them. They were very soft and didn't have that peculiar smell of fish which gets annoying at times. 
Hariyali murgh tikka was also something which was amazing. The succulent chicken and the right marination made it taste great.
They also have specials of the day which keep changing. On this particular day they had 'roti pe boti' and prawns. 
'Roti pe boti' was something interesting. It is a small piece of roti on which they put chicken boti. It tasted nice. The prawn though tasted more of the sauces and I couldn't get as much flavour of the prawn per se .
They had the lamb sheekh kebab and the tandoori chicken too. They were good too but can still be better.
They had chilli chicken and shredded chicken hunan style which wasn't something to my liking.
There was an interesting item which they had made - crispy corn. It was nice to look at but it was a bit sticky and got stuck in the teeth while having which was sort of a turnoff when you aren't even half way through your meal.

fish tikka starter
Fish starter
hariyali murgh tikka starter chicken
hariyali murgh tikka

roti pe chicken boti starter
Roti pe boti - special of the day
chinese prawn starter
prawn starter
Lamb seekh kebab
Lamb seekh kebab
Tandoori Chicken
Tandoori Chicken
Chilli chicken chinese starter
Chilli chicken
Shredded Chicken Hunan style chinese starter
Shredded Chicken Hunan style
Crispy corn
Crispy corn
Overall the starters were really nice and very filling too. I had to take a little break before I moved on to the mains. They had a good number of curries.
Starting with the chicken kaali mirch and paneer khurchan masala, both of which I totally loved. The chicken, the paneer, and the gravies that they were made in were heavenly. 
I was really awestruck when I saw Singaporean chilli crab there. Wow! Now this isn't something that I would normally see in a buffet at that price point. It happens to be a very famous dish in Singapore. Though it wasn't exactly the same thing here, it was good. The crab tasted lovely. It was soft and well cooked. The sauce could have been a bit more spicy though. 
There was butter chicken which I expected better especially since it had the words "chef's special" on it.
They also had some traditional favourites like the keema kaliji and the mutton paya. Though I'm not a big fan of paya myself, it was thick and flavourful. 
They had a few vegetarian knick-knacks too. There was the Sounde Aloo, Tandoori Paneer Sholay, Nizami Papad roll, Gobhi Manchurian among others. 
They sounde aloo was okay, but the paneer was really nice and soft.
I found the nizami roll to be something interesting when I saw it, so I asked the waiter to tell me more about. He called the chef and he told me that it has potato, some secret spices, and is wrapped in papad. Now I'm a huge fan of potato, but in this I didn't quite like it. The papad too had become soggy. A nice try by the restaurant but not something that appealed to me at all.

Chicken kaali mirch black pepper
Chicken kaali mirch
Singaporean Chilli Crab
Singaporean Chilli Crab
mutton paya
Tandoori Paneer and Sounde Aloo potato
Tandoori Paneer Sholay and Sounde Aloo
Nizami Papad Roll
Nizami Papad Roll
Moving on to the rice dishes. They had some lovely mutton biryani and veg pulav. 
What I particularly liked about the biryani was that I could get the taste of the mutton. It was cooked really well and the masala did not overpower the taste of the mutton. It isn't often that I get to see this. 
The vegetable pulav had a different taste to it than usual. I quite liked it. 

Mutton Biryani
Mutton Biryani
They also had some Singapore noodles; also, potato croquettes and french fries. That's a lot of attention to detail I must say. Catering to the needs of kids too. 

Now coming to the sweet ending. They have quite a few desserts which are specials of the day and overall a huge selection of desserts. 
They had strawberry and chocolate cake, cappuccino mousse, roohafza kheer, white chocolate mousse, mango panna cotta, semiya payasam, suji ka halwa, chcocolate fountain, gulab jamun, bottle gourd delight (dudhi halwa), shrikhand, ice creams and a few more too. 

I liked the chocolate cake and the cappuccino mousse among international desserts. They were really creamy. Coming to the Indian ones - I totally loved the semiya payasam and the dudhi halwa too. Now I'm neither a fan of halwas in general nor a fan of bottle gourd, but this was something which made me get a liking towards the dudhi halwa.
The shrikhand wasn't bad, but usually it is thicker. 
The chocolate fountain of-course is something that brings out the child in you, and the lovely marshmallows just don't allow you to go past it without having one. 

White Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
suji rava halwa
Suji ka halwa
chocolate fountain

They also have private seating. In case you are a group that wants some privacy or a place away from the noise, you can opt to sit here.

Private seating area

A very nice experience overall, and I'd surely recommend this as a place that has delicious food, good variety and isn't too hard on your pockets. 

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