Shabestan - Radisson Blu

While looking for good iftar places we came across this one, and since it had Zomato gold on iftar we decided to try it out. 
When I called them to book, I learnt that all the restaurants have a common buffet; just the seating is in the particular restaurant. 
I wanted to book for another restaurant here, but it didn't quite matter. 

The restaurant was a 5 minute walk from the entrance. We finally reached the designated floor and went to Shabestan where they showed us to our table. We saw an empty table from where we could get a good view and asked for it, but they told us that it was already booked. 

As soon as Iftar started, all the people started queuing at the common buffet area which was outside the restaurant. Within no time it was just like a fish market, and all the counters had huge queues. 

There obviously was a wide variety of food to choose from, since this was a common buffet for 4-5 restaurants. 

Hummus, salads, kebabs, fruits, biryani, sushi, pasta, stroganoff, sea-food, dessert; you name it and it was there. 
The food overall was average. The kebabs were hard and we didn't enjoy them much. The pasta lacked flavour. The sushi (which was inside the Japanese restaurant) did not taste so fresh.  The food was filling but not satisfying. 

At the time of billing, the lady there told us that the price was AED 250 as opposed to AED 199 on Zomato. I showed her the price, and that's when she went to re-check and gave it to us at AED 199. Had I not confronted her, would have ended up paying AED 250. 

Also, the empty table with the view which we had seen when we got there, was still empty until about 9:30pm when we were about to leave. I asked her why we couldn't get that and she said that it was booked for someone, but at the last moment a few of them didn't come, so they moved to a smaller table. 

I found the overall experience really bad and not at all worth the price (despite getting 1+1 free). I don't think I would want to go here ever again. 

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