Cafe Bazza - Kuwaiti food

This is a restaurant located in citywalk, but not the regular side; it is near to the newly opened coca-cola arena. It was a bit confusing to find parking, but I did find a parking space eventually. 
The restaurant serves Kuwaiti food and it was my first time trying it. 

While my food arrived, I had a fresh strawberry juice which was refreshing.

They have an egg section from which I had wafra farm eggs. These eggs are cooked, with tomato, onion, and cream cheese. It did sound really interesting and looked appealing when served. The tomato onion sauce tasted delicious, especially with the cream cheese. The eggs though were overcooked, and were a bit hard.

I tried one of their mini tanoor options. The staff recommended the mini halloumi tanoor. For those who don't know, it is like a min sandwich made with a very thin Kuwaiti bread. Apart from halloumi, there are vegetables like lettuce, tomato and more. This tasted better than what I was expecting. It was fresh, and flavourful. It was served with potato wedges on the side which were okay. 

For the main, I tried a traditional Kuwaiti dish - the Murabyan. It is a dish made with prawns and rice. I can loosely compare it with mandi. It has a spiced rice, but instead of the chicken, there is prawn. On the side there was a salsa like dip, a spicy dip, and some pickles. The prawns tasted really good, and the dish was filling. I loved the dips alongside this one. 

I also tried vimto here. Now you may think what's special about that, but the way the Kuwaitis have it is a bit different from here; they have it frozen - like a slush. It tastes really nice and a little less sour. 

For the sweet endings, I had the kunafa. It was crispier than what I usually have in most places. It was hot and cheesy, and I definitely couldn't stop at one bite despite being really full. 

They also recommended the ice-cream. I wondered why. It is made in-house and they do it Kuwaiti style. There is Oreo biscuit along with Kuwaiti ice-cream. This is served in a big bowl, and I suggest sharing it. This too is worth a try. 

They have karak tea too. It was served in a lovely teapot. It was a bit milkier than usual, and the taste was average. 

If you're looking for a nice place to sit and have a meal at leisure, then this is a nice option. 

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