Peppermill - vegetarian review

I was looking for a good Indian restaurant to go to for my parent's anniversary, and decided on this one. 
It definitely feels upmarket, though not flashy, but a bit on the casual side. 

Since my parents are vegetarians, this review includes only vegetarian dishes. That being said, the vegetarian dishes here are a bit innovative (read different) than most places, and if you aren't the experimental type, you might not have much of a choice. 

As we ordered our food, they got us some makhana (a.k.a. lotus seeds / foxnuts) to munch on. I personally really like it and wonder why many places don't have these.

Since chaat is an all-time favourite, we started with the chaat platter. It has a good selection of items including samosas, pani puri, aloo tikki, dahi wada, and palak chaat. It tasted really good overall, and especially the pani-puri which doesn't always taste great at a fine diner.

Next for appetisers was Paniyaaram. These are mini rice pancakes made in ghee. They had a coconut chutney coating to it along with some tomato podi which gave it a nice flavour; they were soft too. 
peppermill dubai mall

For our drinks, we ordered the berrylicious which is a mocktail that they (partially) make in front of you. It is made in a goblet and was more than enough for the three of us. Since they use dry ice, you can see it get all smokey. The cotton candy melts as they pour the mixed berry drink in it. It had the right amount of tanginess of the berry but was a bit on the sweeter side. You must definitely order this one for the visual appeal. It ket bubbling even when poured in the glasses later. 

peppermill dubai

For our mains, we had the paneer makhanwala. It had a creamy gravy with soft pieces of cottage cheese and the flavour was nice too. 

Along with that, we had the dal makhani which looked great but tasted average. 

We had this with the pudina paratha which was made crispy, and a malabar parota (which I was peasantly surprised to see in a restaurant that is primarily North Indian).

Then we also ordered a vegetable biryani. As soon as it was served, the aroma itself made my mouth water. The taste too lived up to it. It was not overly spiced which was a good thing. 

For dessert, we had the ras malai cake which was soft and delicious. The sweetness was on the lower side which suited us perfectly. Since I had informed the staff that we were celebrating an anniversary, they served it with candles and the message written on it. 
pepper mill dubai mall

The service too was pretty good overall and the staff was attentive; we did not have to take effort to get their attention. 

The closest parking to this is the Fashion Parking - parking level 7 which is the same level that the restaurant is on. 

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