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Raju Omlet is the first restaurant that comes to my mind when I think of eggs. I was really looking forward to dining here when I was invited for a tasting. 

They have seating inside as well as outside. The outside seating feels a bit like you're sitting in the way of passers-by. 

We started with the masala lemonade. It is an Indian twist to the lemonade by adding some spices and I've been a fan of this one. 

They have interesting names of dishes like eggs kejriwal. These are half-fried eggs over pav (bread), and topped with lots of cheese. I liked the cheesy goodness that it had to it. 

We had chatpata egg noodles too, which are similar to hakka noodles made with egg bhurji and topped with a half-fried egg. These tasted good, but were a bit oily.

For the gravies, we had the egg lazeez which was delicious. It was a rich gravy that it was prepared in, and I had it with paratha. 

Another gravy was the patiala chicken. This has chicken kebabs wrapped in an omlet and is made in an onion and tomato gravy. I loved the taste as well as texture of this one. 

We tried the chatpata boiled tikka too. This has a bit of a spicy gravy made from onions and tomatoes, and it topped with sliced boiled eggs. It looked appetising and also tasted really good. 

They have some nice rolls and we tried the chicken tikka egg roll. The egg gives a nice texture and complements the flavours of the chicken. 

The pahadi chicken egg roll was nice too. I had it with the green chutney that they give along with it. 

For biryani lovers, the Heera Moti biryani is something that you might find interesting. It has mutton as well as chicken. Yes, you read that right. Juicy chops and chunks of mutton along with boneless chicken. It was something interesting and worth a try. 

For dessert, we had the pan kulfi which had a very nice flavour of paan and I really liked it;  as well as the mango which was quite good.  We didn't like the chocolate kulfi though. 

I ended my meal with the always comforting adrak chai (ginger tea). 

It is a great place for egg lovers and they keep coming up with new innovative items all the time. 

I found the place a bit confusing to find, and even the parking was a bit of a hassle. 

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