Have a dish for AED 10 in JLT

We still haven't got over the festive season and yet another interesting offer is back and this one is sure to interest foodies (that's just about everyone). 

For 10 days starting 6th January, six restaurants in JLT will one dish for just AED 10. This offer will run until the 15th of January, 2019. 
There is one particular dish that each of these restaurants will offer.
An individual can avail this offer once per day from a particular restaurant, i.e. you cannot visit the same restaurant twice in the same day; but you can visit different restaurants on the same day (which is what I did). Also, you can come back to the same restaurant the next day. 

Our first stop was Nara Pan Asian located in Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A, JLT. It is a pan Asian restaurant, but I found it a bit towards the Japanese side given the decor of the prominently places Sakura flowers.

The dish that they are offering is the Chicken Balls. The original price of this is AED 42. These did taste pretty good. They were fried well, and were served hot along with a Japanese sauce.

After this, we decided to go to another restaurant which has the offer. It was UBK - Urban Bar & Kitchen which is also located in the same hotel. This restaurant was offering chicken wings - 4 pieces. My friend and I ordered one with Habanero sauce and one with Sriracha. There were 6 pieces in it! I personally liked the Habanero more. These were served with blue cheese sauce and we really relished them. The original price for this is AED 69. 

The restaurant has outside seating too, and also has a live band on certain days. It was nice to sit outside during this weather. 
I overall liked this restaurant more than the previous one.

After that we went to Couqley which is a French bistro. It was a Wednesday and they had ladies night. This place was bustling with people. They have the French Onion soup included in this offer. 
Before they got us that, they also got us some French bread along with butter which was complimentary. 

The soup was served in a big bowl and had a couple of pieces of bread topped with cheese inside it. The soup tasted really good with all the onion and the generous amount of cheese that it had. I added a dash of pepper to it and it greatly accentuated the flavour. 

Overall, I also liked the decor of this place. It was a bit dimly lit. 

The next restaurant that we went to was Hyu Korean. This restaurant is brightly lit with yellow lights, but was the opposite of lively; maybe because it was almost closing time. 
The tables here also have a provision of hot-pot in them. 

The dish in the offer here were the dumplings - the have an option of veg as well as beef - we tried both. The filling in both of these was thinly mashed. The dumplings were freshly made and served hot along with a spicy Korean sauce. The vegetarian ones were smaller in shape, and the beef ones were a bit longish. 

The owner / manager who was there was really hospitable. 

Ayubowan is a Sri Lankan restaurant that is also participating in this promotion. It has a bit of a homely feel to it and this restaurant tries to use all healthy ingredients in their food. 

They are offering the Chicken kottu here (vegetarians can have the veg variant). I've had that here a while ago when I had been there (though it wasn't a part of the promotion at that time). This really tastes good, and is on the spicier side. You can get lovely Sri Lankan flavours in this. If you haven't had Sri Lankan food before, then you might have to develop a taste for it. Read my full review of the restaurant here

To avail the offer at the participating restaurants, you just need to walk in and tell them that you're here to have the dish which is in the 10 dirham offer (10-4 JLT) . It is valid only for dine-in. 

Here's the complete list of restaurants that have the offer along with the dish that is in the offer:

The dishes which I had are good for one person if you are looking for a snack. But hey, you can always visit more than one restaurant every day.

The price of AED 10 does not include taxes. At Nara, we paid 5% VAT, and at UBK we paid 5% VAT and 20% service tax. 

Click to find the articles about this offer from the JLT Dining website and The National.

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