Ayobowan - Sri Lankan cuisine

There aren't many Sri Lankan places around town, and when I was invited to try out this restaurant, I was really intrigued. 

Sri Lankan food is usually on the spicier side. A lot of places use chilli and it becomes "hot", but this restaurant uses other spices, so it is "spicy" but not "hot", and you get good flavours of the food. 

We started with some Sri Lankan juices. The first was the wood apple - I wasn't personally much of a fan. 
Next we had the ambarella juice. It had a different taste to it, and I liked this one. 
Then we had the spicy mango which feels really nice if you're a mango fan and like it with a twist. 

Last but not the least was the king coconut, i.e. the fresh coconut water. It tasted a bit different than the Indian coconut that I'm used to having. The taste definitely was refreshing.

For our starters, we had a platter of prawn triangle, fish cutlets, and polos cutlets. The prawn triangles were nice and crispy. The fish cutlets and polos cutlets were soft and had a nice consistency to them.

For our mains, we had a wide assortment of dishes. I liked the fact that in all of the food I could taste the main ingredients (vegetables / meat) prominently, and the spices added just the right amount of flavour to them. 

I really liked the chicken kottu with roti. It was just a tad bit spicy. 
There was a brinjal dish called the brinjal moju. By looking at it, I wouldn't have guessed that it is made from brinjal. I had a bite and it tasted delicious. I could barely resist this one. 
We also had dhal curry which was a bit thicker and I relished it. 
For those who like spicy, you should have the lunu miris which is a Sri Lankan version of the sambal. I'm personally a fan of this one and enjoyed it with my food. 

Sea-food lovers shouldn't miss out on the Jafna crab curry. It has a light yellow curry which is very mildly spiced and really flavourful. The crab was hard to resist. 

Accompanying all of this was puttu, and some string hoppers, as well as yellow rice.

For desserts, we had the Sri Lankan pancake which has a coconut filling inside it. Despite not being a big coconut fan, I did find it appealing. 

The watalappam is another famous Sri Lankan dessert that is like a coconut custard pudding. It looked really good, but I would need to develop a taste for it. 

The banana fritters are another classic dessert in this region. We had it along with ice-cream and the taste was nice. 

Since I'm not a Sri Lankan, I don't know how close the food comes to what you'd find in Sri Lanka, but I enjoyed the flavours overall. The ingredients were a bit different than what I'm used to having usually. There are a lot of vegetables used, and this restaurant tries to keep it on the healthier side. This cuisine might require you to develop a taste for it if it isn't something that you're accustomed to. Do try it if you like to try something new. 

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