Modi - Georgian restaurant

This is an interesting name for a restaurant, and being an Indian, it especially caught my attention since it is also the name of our current Prime Minister. But Modi in georgian has a different meaning.

Currently, this is the only Georgian restaurant in Dubai, and I was invited here to try out their food. The interiors are really nice and I especially loved the art on the glass.

We tried the brunch there which includes soup, cold starters, Georgian pastry, mains, and sweet. We chose one alcoholic package (where we took wine) and one non-alcoholic (with strawberry mojito).

You have a choice of two soups to choose from. One is the supkharcho, and the one that we had was the chikhirtma. This has a base of chicken, flour, butter and eggs. It is served with shoti - the traditional Georgian bread. The soup was quite good, similar to a chicken broth, just a tad bit different.

For the cold starters, we had the kakhuri salad and the pkhaleulis tabla. The first one is mixed vegetables like cucumber, tomato, and onions that are chopped. The second one contains minced beetroot mixed with assorted vegetables, and on the side has fried eggplant, bell peppers, and a walnut paste. Though I'm not much of a beetroot fan, I did like this one.

The next course was my favourite. One of the items was the imeruli khachapuri. I had had the khachapuri when I visited Georgia, but didn't know there were different types. This was a bi different than the one I had there. I really loved this one. It was served hot, and it was not too chewy. It had a thin bread and a filling of cheese inside it. I just felt like going on having it, but it does get quite filling soon.

The khinkali was delicious too. It had really flavourful minced meat in it. Also, they tell you the right way to eat it, i.e. first make a small piercing and have the juice inside the dumpling, and then eat the dumpling itself. Definitely try it out.

For our mains, we had one mix mtsvadi. This has an assortment of grilled meats served along with grilled vegetables. The meats were well prepared and tasted nice especially along with the sauce that they gave with it which tasted a bit like salsa.

We also had the sea-bass. If you're a fan of this fish, then you'll definitely like it. The flavours were pretty good. It was served along with some potatoes and carrots.

For the dessert, we had an the Gozinaki which is made from caramelized nuts. This did taste quite nice but was really sticky.
The other one was the Churchkhela which I had seen everywhere on the streets of Georgia, and was inquisitive about it. Here, it wasn't served in that same shape, but the taste was the same.

The place also has some live music intermittently where some of the staff members even perform a small dance.

Almost all the staff here including the servers are from Georgia, and were really courteous.

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