Chicken cottage

At first, I though this is another fried chicken place, but it would be wrong to compare it directly to the famous chains that we are aware of. The chicken that they use at Chicken cottage is of a much higher grade, and also, they do not use frozen ones, but get it fresh on a regular basis. Their ice-cream too is dairy based (as opposed to most quick service restaurants which actually serve a non-dairy ice-cream). 

I was invited here for a tasting and got to know more about the brand and their quality standards. 

They have various types of chicken in various forms and spice levels. 
We started with the chicken wings - we tried the grilled ones first and asked them to be made in the extra hot sauce. If you eat spicy food on a regular basis then you will definitely love it. I liked the fact that it wasn't extremely spicy but edible, so it does not kill the taste of the chicken. 

We tried the fried chicken wings too, and these were also quite good. I could feel the difference in taste as compared to most famous fried chicken QSRs.

The chicken popcorn were a bit bigger in size than what I've usually had, and tasted meatier. 

The item that I liked the most would have to be the grilled chicken wrap. The chicken inside of-course tasted really good, but the stuffing too was delicious. They had used the right amount of sauces in it, and it was yummy. 

It would be a crime to not try the fried chicken here. They have different breaded options - regular, spicy, and crunchy (which is also spicy). We had the crunchy one and I liked the spices on it. It wasn't very oily, and was mildly spiced which we enjoyed having. It certainly felt fresh. 

For the sides, we had mozzarella sticks too and they were not bad. 

The green apple juice was really fresh, and not too tangy which I liked. 

For our dessert, we had the chocolate brownie with ice-cream. The brownie was gooey and the ice-cream definitely tasted better than most QSRs. 

We tried the apple crumble with ice-cream too, and it was a tad bit sweeter than what I'd prefer but quite good indeed. 

Along with your food, you can take sauces from the counter as per your liking - burger sauce (which was my favourite), chili sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup.

Overall, I think the quality of food that the place serves is really good, and that does come at a bit of a premium which is worth the price. 

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