Doner Deli

A Doner is tasty and filling and when I was invited to Doner Deli's new outlet, I was eagerly looking forward to it. 

We started with the ice-tea which is made fresh, and they had made it really well. Not too lemony or too much tea-y.

Who doesn't love fries?! They have a few types and got us the Fire Fries. These are topped with a sriracha mayo and crushed cheetos. This is an amazing combination and the good part is that it does not kill the taste of fries itself unlike a lot of other places that serve loaded fries. 

Perhaps their best selling item is the pita wrap and it is available in different varieties. I had the one with pepper sauce. It tasted good, but was a tad bit dry and I couldn't taste much of the sauce. 

The slider trio looked interesting and we called for one. The three sliders are - falafel, chicken, and veal. The falafel one was quite a mouthful and tasted fantastic. I liked the chicken one as well. I didn't try the veal.

They have some munchies called the deli snacks. It includes onion rings, jalapeno poppers and potato wedges. I liked the onion rings and the wedges, but the jalapeno poppers could have been better - I like mine with the cheese melting, which this one did not have. 

For the drinks, I had the orange strawberry fusion. It is a nice combination and is a tad bit thick - somewhat like a slush. 

The oreo shake also was quite nice, though could have been a bit thicker. 

For dessert, we had brownies which were gooey and delicious. 

We also had coffee cream which is a coffee flavoured ice-cream. This tasted great at first bite, but got a bit too sweet towards the end. 

Overall, the place has pretty good food. 

Doner Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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