Wok's Den

This is a newly opened restaurant that is a Wok speciality and has other Asian dishes too. Though by itself, I wouldn't say that is it very big, but it is bigger than a lot of other wok restaurants. They have about 8 to 10 tables here and also bar styled chairs in the middle. 

We started with some bubble teas. First was the passion fruit one. This was okay. It tasted a bit like pineapple strangely. 
The other one was chocolate, which was good. 

We then had the tom yum soup. The taste was quite good, but had a bit more of lemongrass than I like. The pieces of chicken were also a bit bigger, and in a soup they get kind chewy. 

The dynamite shrimp was one thing that I really liked. Perhaps it has become really cliched lately, but this was really good. It was a bit crispy too. 

My friend likes healthy stuff, and we called for the sum tum prawn salad. She totally loved it. I liked the overall flavour and the fact that it was with prawns. 

For a little something light to munch on, we called for the stir fry quinoa with broccoli and bok choy. It sounded interesting on the menu, and I like bok choy and broccoli. But the problem was that it didn't taste all that great when we had it. It was just what the description said it is, and it tasted bland. There should have been some flavour to it.  

For mains, I had a khao pad thai. It is a combination of rice and noodles, they said and since I personally like it, we ordered one. It tasted quite good. There were some vegetables in it along with the rice and noodles and overall it was good. Although, it had pineapple in it, and I'm not personally a big fan. 

Last but not the least, we ordered one of their woks - a customized one. We put some broccoli and baby corn in in, along with a spicy sauce (which wasn't all that spicy for our taste-buds), and garnished it with peanuts. The quantity was good and so was the taste. 

They didn't have any desserts though, so it wasn't much of a sweet ending. 

As of writing this blogpost, they're really new and are still making a lot of changes. Perhaps they will have some desserts soon, and they're also getting some new cutlery too. 
If you're looking for a new wok place to try out, this is worth a shot. The food quality is pretty good, and perhaps we didn't choose the right stuff. 

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