Neos at Address Downtown

Neos is located on the 63rd floor of the hotel and when they invited me here, I was really thrilled primarily for the views from here.

The moment the doors of the elevator open and you step in, you get the feeling that you've come to a classy place. It all looks opulent, but they have not overdone it which is a really good thing. 

There is seating on almost a 360 degree periphery on the restaurant. From one side you can see the Burj Khalifa area and the other side is the boulevard street view (which isn't  anything raveworthy.  

This review is primarily about the views. 
Well, I did have a mocktail - the Jumping Goat - a very catchy name. It has got cold brew, cocoa tea, honey, and strawberry. Being a fan of cold brew, I really liked it. The coffee wasn't bitter or overpowering and the overall flavour was really nice. 

I went to the place just a little before sunset so that I could enjoy the views before and after. The place opens at 5pm which was the perfect time for the view. Although most of the people would be coming for drinks late at night. After it gets dark, the view is nice as well. You can see downtown lighted up, and you can also watch the fountain from here. 

If you're looking for a classy place with a good view just to have some drinks and chill, then this is the perfect place for that. 

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