800 pizza

There are so many pizza places around, but this is not just another pizza place, and I got to know that when I was invited here to try out the food.

First, it is the ambience. It does not feel like one of those pizza chains. It has a traditional European feel to it.
They also have a live kitchen and you can see them making the pizzas here, as well as the furnace.

We started with some Arancini. Their classic one is mac n' cheese, and I liked it too. You can't go wrong with this one.
I also liked the Truffle porcini, though at first bite, it was a bit weird, but then I really enjoyed it.
The eggplant parmigiana was just about okay. The flavours did not seem right.
I'm a fan of the tomato mozzarella flavour, but in the form of an arancini, it really did not feel right.

Then we had the burrata. It was creamy and had the goodness of straciatella. It might not have been among the best, but it certainly was very good.

For our pasta, we had the al gorgonzola. This is made with penne in a white sauce with some Italian blue cheese. The pasta wasn't too soft, which I liked. It was towards the crunchier side which I liked. The white sauce was creamy and tasted pretty good.

Their pizzas are thin crust, and once we saw them being made in the furnace we just had to try them. [800 pizza also has a special wood for the wood fire pizzas which we saw there (first pic in this post - bottom shelf), but sadly, this particular outlet is small and couldn't get the necessary permissions to use it so they have to use gas.]
We tried the pollastrona. It has tomato sauce as the base, contains some grilled chicken, mozzarella, roasted bell peppers, red onions, and black olives. The thin crust pizza served hot itself makes it taste so good. The chicken, tomato sauce, and other ingredients surely made it taste great overall.

I'm a fan of pesto, and when I saw the pesto pizza, I had to order one. The base is the pesto paste, and it has mozzarella, eggplant, zucchini, brown mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic. Just reading it made my mouth water. One bite, and it surpassed my expectations. It was the pesto and particularly the mushrooms that really gave it a strong flavour. I recommend trying this one.

For the sweet endings, we ordered a tiramisu. It had the right texture to it and tasted quite good too; though I've had better. I like my tiramisu to have a strong bitter flavour of coffee which this one didn't.

The final dessert was the pannacotta. The one we had here might be a bit less sweet for some, but that made it just perfect for me. I had been having a lot of desserts lately and this being a bit less sweeter meant less guilt (at least I would like to believe so). When my friend had a bite and said that it isn't sweet enough, he meant it in a negative way, but that was a positive thing for me. I really liked this one.

They take good care of their delivery drivers too with a nice uniform, protective gear. They're getting some Italian bikes soon as well.  The riders do not have a time limit in which they are forced to deliver the food, though the average delivery time of the restaurant has been around 35 minutes.

It is a fantastic place overall; the food is really good. The ideal choice would be to go there and have it (you can park your car in B2 of the hotel), but you can always order in.

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