Diwan al Hana

This is a Syrian restaurant located near the Financial centre metro and they invited me to try out their food. It is easy to spot as it is on the main road itself.

They have a lot of yellow lights, and the colour was a bit overwhelming for me.
Also, the tables are in close proximity to each other. Not extremely close, but closer than usual, and I wasn't a big fan.

We started with the diwan tabbouleh. It was fresh and I'm usually a big fan, but this one had pomegranate in it which I really did not enjoy having. May be that's how they make it.

The fattoush was fresh and tasted good. It had more of the cripy fried bread in it than what I've usually had.

The hummus diwan was also quite good, and this one had some pistachios. I personally thought it was okay compared to most. I may not always enjoy the pistachios in my hummus.

The yalanji (wine leaves) were really nice. I liked the stuffing in it.

The muhammara was one dish that I really did not like. It was a bit sweetish and had a lot of nuts in it. I somehow gulped down a spoonful of it that I had.

The kebbeh hamis was nice and crunchy and was served hot.

The cheese sambousek were not too bad either.

I'm a fan of potato and almost always relish it but the spicy potato here was a bit lemony and I didn't enjoy the sour taste much.

The sujuk was prepared well, and I liked the spicy flavour to it.

The falafels were crunchy and flavourful. They tasted great with the tahina.

For my drink, I had the pomegranate juice which was fresh and I really liked it.  It had a piece of pomegranate on the side which was a nice touch.

We then had the Arabic shawerma. This tasted good, but was a bit on the dry side.

They have a mix grill called the Diwan mix grill and I liked the chicken as well as the meat kebabs in it which were soft and delicious.

For our desserts, we had the Halayet. I totally loved this one; especially the cotton candy on top.

After this we had the balooza orange which I was a bit skeptical initially but I really liked it when I had it. The orange wasn't overpowering, and it had a nice consistency overall.

The mohulabia was not bad but I've had better.

Overall, I liked a some dishes while I found some of them to be okay, and not exactly to my liking.

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