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I'm a fan of selective Indian desserts, and kulfi is one of them. Kulfilicious has recently opened their new outlet in Sharjah and they invited me to try it out.

The place, albeit small, has a colourful decor and you get the desi feel as soon as you enter. They have a couple of tables down, as well as a few upstairs. We sat upstairs and we were the only ones that day. I think the place might feel a bit cramped if there are more people. 

I saw some really interesting flavours, and wanted to have them all. Finally, with the help of our friendly server Saheb, we settled down on four. 
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I think the flavour which I went crazy over was the black pepper. I was a bit surprised to see a kulfi in this flavour, and just had to try it out. It has crushed black pepper, and you might not feel it at the first instance, but wait for a couple of seconds, and you totally get the flavour. The black pepper lingers in your mouth for a while. If you like black pepper, you definitely have to try this one. 

For the ones who like Oreo, they have got this one too. Yes, an Oreo kulfi. This did taste like Oreo and I really liked it. If you have it without knowing, then perhaps you might not recognize the flavour, but overall this was quite good. 

The next one was the banarasi paan. This had an unmistakable taste of the paan. If you like some paan after your food, but can't find one around, this is the closest thing that you can have. 

Last, but not the least was the blueberry. This too was a mild flavour but something that tastes nice as a kulfi. 

Among their speciality is also the falooda. We tried the Royal falooda which consists of three flavours of kulfi, some rabdi, rose syrup, jelly and nuts. It has the vermicili and basil seeds (sabja) too, and you can ask for the jelly to be vegetarian too. The falooda did taste pretty good, but it was a bit hard to have the various layers. The kulfi was on the top, and it was quite a task to get to the layers below without finishing the kulfi. The taste was quite nice. 
dubai top food bloggers dessert sharjah

They also had our favourite Indian beverage in a kulfi variant - the kulfi chai. I was really surprised hearing about it. Our server suggested it, and so we decided to try it out. This is something like a cold kulfi shake that is tea flavoured. It did taste like tea, but was a bit too sweet for our liking. It's worth trying if you can share it among a few people since it might be sweet for many. It was definitely unique though. 

Finding parking wasn't difficult either since there is parking right outside it on the road. There are also grounds where I saw cars parked. 

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