Biryani festival - Al Bustan

Biryani is definitely everyone's favourite, and Al Bustan Centre has a biryani festival going on currently that I was invited to try out.

They have different restaurants and they serve based on capacity and requirement for the day. We sat in the the food court  for the meal.

We started with some beverages. The masala chhas was really nice. It had a generous amount of masala in it, and it was the right consistency.

I tried the king fish biryani which is boneless. It had big chunks of fish which tasted really good. The masala in the biryani was also very good. It is a dum biryani that is served in an earthern pot with a roti covering it.
We had it along with the raita, and a chhunda-like pickle that was sweetish. It was my first time to try this pickle with biryani and it surprisingly tasted pretty good.

The other biryani that I tasted was the shrimp biryani. Being a fan of shrimps, I think I liked this one even more. The shrimps tasted good too with the masala coated on them. The biryani was definitely flavourful.

They got us some pastries at the end. I tried the chocolate one which was superb. It was creamy and rich.

Overall, I really liked the food here. The place is worth a visit.


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