Super Chix

The name is so catchy and definitely feels American. They serve some delicious food which I was invited to try out.

The interesting thing is that among the meats, they only serve chicken. They do have some vegetarian offerings too though.

When I read the words "last true chicken sandwich", I was intrigued and asked them about it. They said that the chicken is fresh and not frozen as opposed to what most places have to offer. Now this is fabulous.

Since it is self-service, you need to place the order at the counter, and they will give it at your table. As you wait for your food, they have a bag of popcorn that you can munch on. It is rosemary and black pepper flavoured. It is free and obviously small, since you do not want to fill your tummy with this.

We started with the grilled. It is a burger that has chicken fillet with garlic, aioli, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The chicken tasted really fantastic. The ingredients felt fresh too. I think it felt a tad bit bland though. Now the good part is that there are sauces which they will give you on the side at no extra cost. You can add these as per your liking.

The next burger was the bacon avocado. This also has some turkey bacon which really added on to the flavour. For avocado lovers, this is a really treat as you have some nice big pieces of it in there. This tasted juicy and had more flavours than the previous one, and also tasted fresh.

They serve hand cut fries and we asked for the loaded ones. There was a good amount of cheese on it, and some bacon and spring onions. The fries by themselves also tasted really very good, and you should definitely try these out.

They have some tenders too, and we wanted to try them out. We chose 4 pieces. I initially thought that the quantity would be small, but these tenders were quite big. We chose the hot nashville for the tenders, so they were dipped in this. On the side was ranch. They were spicy and we totally enjoyed them. They tasted great with ranch. They could have been a bit softer though.

Among desserts, their speciality was the frozen custard. They have some pre-set flavours too and they call these the "cold fusion". I decided to try one of these and chose the mint Oreo. This was mint flavoured custard topped with crushed Oreo. Since I am a big fan of both these flavours, I really liked this combination. You can also make your own by choosing any of the individual flavours and add a topping of your choice.

In the end, we tried a milkshake too. We wanted something different than the usual so went for pistachio. I must tell you that the milkshake tasted as if I was actually having pistachios. A lot of times, this flavour is a bit too sweet, but here it wasn't the case. It also had the nutty flavours of a pistachio and the flavour had really surprised me.

If you're looking for a burger place which is a bit different, then do check this one out.

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