800 degrees pizza

I had been to their other outlet a long time ago and had a very nice experience. When my friend invited me to check out this outlet, I was really looking forward to it, but sadly, this experience was just average. 

I was thirsty, and the first thing I wanted was a glass of water. They took about 10 minutes to get a glass. They started off on the wrong foot. 

We ordered the Frittura Mista (appetiser platter) since we would get to try out more of the dishes. It consists of arancini (which was made from rice, mushroom, and mozzarella); the salt was on the lesser side. There was the crochette di potato (which is made from mashed potatoes) which was nice. It also had the Suppli di Riso (which was very similar to arancini except for the tomato sauce; I wonder why such similar dishes) and was okay. There was the frittura di calamari (squid) which totally lacked salt. 

We did tell the staff about the salt being on the lesser side...

For our drinks, we had a strawberry mojito with some basil in it. It was totally refreshing and I really liked it. Nice flavours of the strawberry and the subtle hint of the basil. 

The other one was the blueberry shake. This looked really attractive, with the right consistency and the sweetness too. It is definitely worth a try.
I asked for an extra straw for this one which took another 10 minutes.  

We then considered ordering a pizza, because...duh! My friend suggested the Tartufo pizza since she had liked it last time. When the pizza arrived, I was wondering why isn't it the thin crust. Then it dawned on me...they never asked us what crust we wanted when we placed the order. It had the Bianca base, i.e. mozzarella, olive oil, garlic, parmesan, oregano. For the toppings, it primarily had arugula and mushrooms. The salt was on the lower side for the pizza too. Overall, I didn't enjoy it much. 

We then asked one of the waitress for the ice-creams that they have. She said they cost AED 15 and pointed me to the ice-cream counter.  When a customer asks for something, give them the menu (since you have a menu with the ice-cream flavours in it). Don't tell the price (unless asked), and don't point to the counter. I don't need to go to the counter if I can just sit at my seat and order. For example, when I ask for a pasta, you don't tell me the price and point towards the kitchen, do you? I sit at my table and order it. So this incident came across as rude. 

Lastly, we ordered a lamb shank. It looked really good in the picture, and that's mostly why. After the earlier savory items, this too had less salt in it. The overall taste wasn't bad, but we would have liked more salt. Also, the potatoes along with it seemed a bit under-cooked. 

For our dessert, we had the tiramisu. It tasted really nice and creamy. The coffee flavour wasn't as prominent as I like it to be. Also, the chocolate dust on top did hit my throat and made me cough. My friend did like it though, so I guess the dust might not be a problem for all. 

The manager later came and visited our table, took feedback, and had a long chat about our experience. He did take a lot of effort to make it up to us which was really nice, although that wouldn't make me disregard the rest of the experience (especially the service aspect or lack thereof) at this outlet. 

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