House of Flavours

This is a small restaurant that serves Indian Arabic as well as Filipino food. In fact, it also has two separate menus.

We started with some fish manchurian. Usually I've had just chicken or veg, so fish was interesting to try out. It was soft and made really well. The flavours were good too. The quantity was also generous.

The Bombay kebab caught my attention and I had to try it out. It is a flat kebab that is a tad bit crispy and has mixed vegetables in it. Just a tad bit spicy and served with chutney on the side which really added to the taste.

I'm a fan of biryanis; well, who isn't? They have the mutton kebab biryani in the menu and I was excited to try it out. I asked the waiter if it is just kebab and rice or if it has masala too. He said it does have masala. It looked very tempting when served, although I couldn't find much of masala in it. The kebabs tasted fantastic though, and I did enjoy having them with rice. This dish too was very filling.

The two of us were really full with the above dishes.

For deserts, they did not have too many options available that day, so we called for the gajar halwa. It was okay; a bit different in taste than what I'm used to.

We also had the badam lassi which was thick and a bit too sweet for us.

The place is small but serves really good food. Also, the good quantity makes the food easy on your pocket.

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